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Women & Aging: 5 Natural Remedies for Menopause Symptoms*

Remedies for Menopause Symptoms

As you get older, you’re surely paying a lot of attention to ways you can look younger and stay in shape. Eventually, though, another challenge sneaks into your life – menopause. This hormonal shift can cause a number of unpleasantries which make life just a little more uncomfortable than you’d like, including: • Hot flashes • Mood swings • Night sweats • Thinning hair • Weight gain You’ve probably considered MHT (menopausal hormone therapy), but may have concerns about the safety of artificial hormone replacement. Even the government’s own National Institutes of Health admits that there are serious health concerns with these treatments! Still, you’re suffering the side effects of the significant changes happening to your body, so what’s a health-savvy woman to do? Consider taking advantage of relief provided by Mother Nature, of course!


1. Start with Nutrition The first step to making sure your body makes a smooth transition into its new normal is by fueling it properly. This means getting plenty of healthy protein, fruits and vegetables, and the right kinds of fats (think ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, fish, and avocados). Eating processed, sugar-laden foods will only make you feel even more sluggish and exacerbate menopausal weight gain. Eating healthfully prevents your blood sugar from fluctuating wildly, which is a major culprit in increased inflammation. You’ll feel better, look younger, and equip your body for its next evolution! 2. Strike a Pose Yoga can actually help reduce the severity of those pesky hot flashes – plus the exercise is great for boosting your struggling metabolism! Reduce your body temperature by learning a few easy poses, and enjoy the other benefits of this activity, such as stress relief and improved flexibility. Let’s face it, all of us could use a little help in those areas as we fight the anti-aging battle!


3. Add a Supplement You try to get all of your nutritional needs through healthy food choices, and that is definitely the best way to go! If you’re trying to alleviate menopause symptoms, however, it can help to add a Vitamin E pill to your daily routine. This humble little supplement gives your body a little help with estrogen production, helping to ease some of the discomfort of your own dropping hormone levels. 4. Give Your Skin Extra Love You may not automatically think menopause when you ponder what ages you. The truth is, however, that this life event can throw off your hydration levels, causing dry and crepey skin. That means it’s more important than ever to keep your anti-aging regimen on track. Nourish your skin with rejuvenating products like my Kellie Olver ReNuture line, and be sure to drink plenty of water as well!

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5. Relax! You already know how bad stress is for your health and your looks. Managing stress is more important than ever as your body moves through its natural aging rhythms. Taking care of you is the best way to be sure you have the mental and physical energy you need as you enter an exciting new phase of life! Until Next Time,


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