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Beauty IQ: Do You Know What Really Ages You?*


You’ve read all of the typical advice about how to look younger – wear sunscreen, use the right beauty products for wrinkles and crepey skin, exercise, and eat healthy. But did you know there are things you’re doing (or not doing) that could be aging you faster than you think?

Cover all your bases when it comes to what ages you by following these easy anti-aging tips:


Wear Sunglasses When you leave the house without your shades, you’re prone to squinting, which accelerates the formation of unsightly crows’ feet next to your eyes. If you already wear glasses, it’s worth it to spring for the darkening ones or get a pair of prescription shades. Get Enough Rest You already know you’re much more productive and just feel better overall when you get at least seven or eight hours of sleep every night. There’s another benefit to this wise habit, however. The puffy eyes that come from being tired can stretch out the delicate skin around your eyes, increasing damage and making you look older. Take Time for Self-Care Stress can actually age your skin prematurely due to increased inflammation. It’s vital that you take time to take care of YOU! Things like yoga and meditation are great ways to shed the events of the day and keep yourself young at the same time.

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Protect Your Skin on Your Commute If you’ve got a long drive through heavy traffic just to get to your job every day, air pollution could be damaging your skin. You can fight this unwanted source of inflammation, age spots, and even eczema by applying a skin product with antioxidants before leaving the house. Keep Your Allergies in Check You may not have considered how your hay fever or reaction to Fido could be making you look older. The fact is, all that miserable itching and watering your eyes suffer can cause the delicate surrounding skin to darken and stretch. Talk to your healthcare provider about options for controlling your allergy problems. Having an effective anti-aging regimen that includes rejuvenating skin treatments like my ReNuture by Kellie Olver is definitely one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Just be sure you’re also addressing those other, lesser known sources of skin damage. Doing so will enhance your skin’s glow and help you look and feel more beautiful than ever!

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