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Baby Steps: It's Never Too Late to Start Your Anti-Aging Journey*


Time passes all too quickly, sneaking up on us and rearing its ugly head in the form of thinning, crepey skin, and that unpleasant “w” word that no woman wants to face – wrinkles! If you’ve put off taking action on all of those anti-aging tips and tricks you’ve read about over the years, don’t give up just yet on the dream of looking younger. It’s not too late to protect and rebuild your skin! The Surprising Truth About Anti-Aging Creams

As you gaze into the mirror at those fine lines, you may be thinking to yourself “I should have started using wrinkle cream in my 20s!” The truth is that if you’re – ahem – a few decades past that mark, it's ok. With today's skin care and corrective treatments, it is never too late to start at any age. How is that possible, you ask? Today's anti-aging products are formulated for more mature skin experiencing collagen loss, which means the skin is thinner, and has lost some of its oil-producing capability. Wrinkle creams with ingredients like Retinol and AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) work by removing the damaged skin cells and stimulating regeneration.

Using glycolic acids on a mature face (or your daughters!) can help keep skin looking clean and fresh and can even help clean up hormonal pimple outbreaks and aftermath. Using glycolic acids on mature skin is like giving yourself a glycolic acid mini-face lift!

Have you heard that glycolic acids combined with Vitamins A, C and E have been rumoured to trigger collagen synthesis?

Your skin will thank you in your later years for taking such great care of your skin today.

ReNuture Crepey Skin FX

Starting with an antioxidant-rich product like ReNuture Crepey Skin Face FX , has the intended effect because it’s made for the unique anti-aging challenges mature women face. It helps reverse sun damage and even out skin tone problems from which many older women suffer. Other Ways to Fight Aging Aside from using quality anti-aging products, what else should you be doing to help your skin recover from decades of abuse?

Use a moisturizer or foundation with a minimum of SPF 30 – every day!

Supplement with collagen protein daily to restore lost, vital skin nourishing collagen! Did you know collagen protein can help tighten saggy skin?

Triple K

If you smoke, quit! Smoking accelerates wrinkle formation and causes dried out, crepey skin. Plus, you’ll just feel better!

Get plenty of sleep – adequate rest is essential in reducing undereye bags and giving your skin time and energy for cell regeneration. You can do these simple steps – and your skin will thank you for it! Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond, healthier, younger skin is within your reach. You’re never too old or too young to take good care of yourself and feel confident and radiant inside and out!

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