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Bathing Matters: How to Protect Your Skin in the Shower (or Bath!)*

How to Protect Your Skin in the Shower

You may be thinking to yourself, “What does my shower have to do with anti-aging secrets?” A lot, actually! Why? Because many common bathing habits can cause dryness and damage, aging skin much faster than we want. So, exactly what can you be doing to keep your skin young even when you’re just trying to keep it clean? Here are five simple steps to follow that will ensure that your bath or shower doesn’t undo the effects of your beauty routine.

1. Keep it cool: We all love a hot, hot, hot shower to soothe those aching muscles and open up the pores. The problem is that hot water strips your skin of natural oils which keep it moisturized and healthy. Limit the heat to body temp or just a little warmer. 2. Only wash the essentials: Your arms and legs don’t have a lot of excess body oil, so if you’re soaping them up every time you bathe you’re removing moisture that they can’t afford to lose. Stick to scrubbing the necessary parts like your underarms, feet, and personal areas.


3. Don’t shampoo every day: We tend to live by the tenet that we must wash our hair every single day. Nothing could be further from the truth! Daily shampooing strips your scalp (and hair!) of the oils that keep it healthy. A few times per week is plenty, especially if you already struggle with a dry scalp or dandruff. 4. Use a gentle cleanser: Harsh soaps like deodorant bars rob your skin of valuable moisture. Choose gentle washes free of parabens, fragrances, sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. These ingredients exacerbate thinning and drying of skin which occurs naturally with aging. 5. Follow the three-minute rule: The best way to trap moisture into your freshly washed skin is to apply lotion within three minutes after getting out of the shower. Gently pat yourself partially dry, leaving your skin slightly damp, then generously apply a high-quality moisturizer all over your body. Looking younger isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little extra care when it comes to your daily bathing and beauty regimen. The little bit of effort you put into caring for your skin will pay off in spades when you see what a difference it makes.

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