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Struggling with Negativity? 12 Affirmations for Spiritual Renewal*

Spiritual Renewal

Life is a roller-coaster sometimes – there are bound to be ups and downs, and many people struggle with staying positive through those bad times. The worst part is that a negative attitude tends to turn into a vicious cycle – in other words, negative thinking perpetuates more negativity.

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What if you could turn that cycle on its ear simply by drawing on positive, affirming thoughts? Being able to connect with your optimism and maintain peace of mind can help you pull through rough times, and even keep you younger, longer. Sometimes we need a little jump start to know where to begin, especially when we’re already having a tough time in life. Here are 12 Positive Spiritual Affirmations to lift your mood and help you come through to the other side happily and healthily. Post them on your wall, keep them in your phone, whatever you choose to do – just make sure you repeat them in your mind (or even better, out loud!) as often as you can.

1. I do not allow fear to rule my heart and mind.

2. I am good I am the person I was meant to be at this time in my life

3. The more love me, the more love I receive.

4. My scars are a symbol of my limitless capacity to conquer and thrive.

5. I choose forgiveness because forgiveness heals.

6. My intuition guides me to my perfect destiny in all things.

7. I am the architect of my own reality.

8. Today, I choose joy, love, and compassion.

9. My spirit is invincible and my mind clear.

10. My current challenges are but a fraction of my lifetime.

11. I choose to be at peace with the past, hopeful for the future, and present in the moment.

12. I am grateful for all the gifts and blessings the Universe/God has sent into my life.


Yes, I know it can feel corny at first, talking to yourself in words you aren’t used to saying. The really amazing thing, though, is that it works! You become what you tell yourself you’ll become – so make sure you’re telling yourself something incredible! Staying young isn’t just about fighting wrinkles and staying in good physical shape as you get older. It’s also about your state of mind – you’re as young as you feel.

So when you hang onto optimism and stay positive in hard times, you’ll give yourself the gift of a long er, happier life!

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