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How to Improve Your Vision so You Can Put Down Your Glasses at Last!*

How to Improve Your Vision by Kellie Olver

Fighting wrinkles isn’t the only challenge we face as we age – our eyes are aging too, and that can mean vision problems. According to the AFB (American Foundation for the Blind), 12% of people between ages 45 and 64 experience age-related vision loss. If you’re tired of pulling out those readers or struggling to read road signs, don’t despair! There are actually things you can do to protect your vision and minimize vision loss as you age. Just as you use the best anti-aging beauty products to keep your skin looking younger, you can give your eyes some anti-aging love too! Feed Your Eyes Right!

Foods good for the eyes

The right nutrients are essential for sharp vision. Make sure you’re getting plenty of these:

• Antioxidants: These little anti-aging powerhouses aren’t just great for wrinkles, they protect your eyes from sun damage too! Get a hefty dose from leafy, dark greens, carrots (no, it’s not an old wives tale!), and scrumptious fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and goji berries (mmm, smoothies!). • Vitamins A, C, and E: You know the drill here – citrus fruits, carrots, sweet potatoes, and avocado's are all great for those baby blues (or browns…greens…). • DHA: Get this cell-strengthening fatty acid in fish like salmon and mackerel. Fortunately, all of these nutrients are also great for younger skin, so you’re getting twice the benefits!

Give Your Eyes a…Workout??

That’s right, there are exercises you can do for your peepers! One of the most common types is a century-old method that is still used today, called the Bates Method. If an entire eye exercise program is too much, simply roll your eyes full-circle several times, one set in each direction, once a day. These techniques can help minimize those pesky floaters. Your Eyes Need Rest Too!


Beauty sleep isn’t just for beauty – ample sleep protects your eyes as well! Just as your skin cells recover and rebuild during the night, so do your eye cells, so don’t skimp on rest!

If you spend long periods of time working at a computer screen, be sure to take breaks for a few minutes each hour. Eye strain and fatigue can reduce your visual acuity and cause headaches and other health issues. Giving your eyes a break provides the perfect opportunity to stand up and stretch your muscles too! A Sharp Solution

Acupuncture – research shows that this traditional Chinese treatment can improve visual acuity and even reduce visual defects. I know what you’re thinking – ow! I promise though, it’s not painful – really! Whether you choose simple eye exercises or a drastic measure like laser vision correction, remember, taking good care of yourself is the best anti-aging tip I could give you to stay young and feel great!

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