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The Beautiful Skin Diet*

The Beautiful Skin Diet

Is there such a thing as ‘eating for beauty’ – can you really plan what you eat to both nourish your body and beautify your skin? Are there really such things as ‘beauty foods’? And, is there a diet for beautiful skin and hair as well as a diet for beautiful skin and body?

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Well, yes there is – that’s the job of what we call ‘nutricosmetics’, a group of foods and supplements that are designed to do the double duty – give us the nutrients we need and help us look better as a bonus. Who doesn’t want that? But there’s a catch.

Eat healthy

The catch is, we need to be fully informed. Eating for beauty’ is a balancing act between nutrition and calories; between staying healthy while looking good but keeping the calories under control. Its also true that nutricosmetics alone cannot do the job. They are a critical part of the ‘inside/outside’ combination but you need the complementary topical treatments to complete the job. And as we age our needs evolve…. so the right approach for a 25 year old is not going to be ideal for a women of 55, say. Having said that, it is never to early, or too late, to cultivate the good habits to keep our skin beautiful for a lifetime. Nutricosmetics – millions of people are engaged! Nutricosmetics is a term given to various foods, drinks and or supplements in the form of pills or powders that when consumed can and do positively impact the quality, condition and beauty of the skin. Studies show that pretty soon over $7 billion a year will be spent on nutricosmetics. While Europe is the leading market, the US is coming along fast with growth of over 12% a year. The top products in the world of Nutricosmetics are those that enhance collagen production in the body – why is that? Well, here is the scoop – collagen is the single most important factor in the appearance of aging.


Yes, that’s right – collagen makes up 30 – 40% or so of our total body proteins. It actually holds the body together, literally. That’s why collagen depletion results in lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and aching bones and joints, to name a few. So it stands to reason that consuming products with strong nutritional characteristics that also support the replenishment of collagen in our body is a win-win combination. But take care, and be aware….. Not all products purporting to replenish collagen are equal. You may connect the fact that collagen is a protein with the idea that consuming protein powder is a good idea. Well, that is true but could also be misleading!

You see, not all proteins are created equal. There are several types of protein: animal, plant, dairy. Different types of protein are made up of varying types and percentages of amino acid combinations.

And each amino acid has a different job to do. Some build muscle, some manufacture hormones and some trigger collagen production/synthesis.

The truth is, animal protein has more collagen boosting amino acids than whey, soy and other plant proteins.

Amino Acid Chart

Here's another scoop: Animal proteins are extremely similar to human proteins and more bio-available than plant based proteins. This means our human body can easily process and put into action. And this is good news for amino acids and our Beautiful Skin Diet.

The amino acids found in collagen protein are exclusive to animal protein. These amino acids are limited and or even non existent, in many popular protein powders like whey, soy and plant proteins like pea or hemp protein.

We need very high quality animal-based proteins like in Triple K Drink to be able to replenish the collagen in us two legged animals known as human beings! Stands to reason, doesn’t it? And the beauty of Triple K Drink is that not only that it does the job on collagen, but it tastes great and is super low in calories. A definite must have for the Beautiful Skin Diet.

Triple K Collagen Protein by Kellie Olver

There are many other things we can and must build into our every day eating habits to support the Beautiful Skin Diet. Like, eating real food.

As this article is about the beautiful skin diet, and food is part of a diet, beautiful skin food is also an important part of the plan. You are what you eat so why not eat food to make your skin beautiful.

I have previously written a very long and informative blog titled 27 Collagen boosting Foods for Youthful Glowing Skin. Please click anywhere on the box below to gain access to all the miracle beautiful skin foods.

27 Collagen Boosting Foods for Youthful Glowing Skin by Kellie Olver

And, I suppose if there is another important factor. And that would be to stay hydrated. Nothing will damage your beautiful skin worse than not getting the water and other hydration we need every day. Our skin is constantly dying and replacing itself – it needs the best conditions we can give it to do the best possible job.

And remember to be on the lookout for foods to avoid. Sugar – not a good idea – on the Beautiful Skin Diet. Please minimize added sugars, and do minimize sugar substitutes. Even sugar substitutes can trigger an insulin response and send your body, pancreas and hormones all wacky. Plus, we really don’t know the long term possible effects. Sugars can aggravate any skin issues we have, like acne and wrinkles…. Dairy – you know our distant ancestors never consumed dairy. It was only when humans started to transition from a nomadic lifestyle to living in agricultural settlements about 12,000 years ago that we started to keep animals for meat and milk. Some people retain a sensitivity to dairy that can sometimes show itself in the skin, causing breakouts and redness.

Top 10 Foods that Age You - Eat These Foods at Your Own Risk by Kellie Olver

So to summarize the Beautiful Skin Diet, create a strategy to preserve and enhance your beautiful skin by making sure to replenish vital collagen every day. Eat collagen boosting glowing skin foods which include a combination of low sugar fruits and healthy colorful vegetables, nuts and seeds plus animal proteins that work best for you. Watch out for, and avoid, skin-damaging foods – especially those troublesome sugars. Eating for beauty can be done – make a plan and stick to it. And let me know how beautiful your skin is becoming!

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