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Exercise Tip

Exercise Tip

Looking for a tip to keep your exercise routine going (besides hanging your swimsuit somewhere where you can see if daily)? Besides hearing over and over again, you gotta do it because it is important for your health? Here's one: Make it a rule for you to NEVER to skip exercising two days in a row. It takes 28 days for the body to firmly establish any activity into a solid behavior. This way you make a healthy behavior into a healthy habit… Now, sometimes we all need to take one day off from exercising. After all, we’re not perfect. So you missed one day. So what? So a lot. This means you have to start that 28 day cycle all over again to establish the habit to make exercise a lifestyle and something you crave, not a drudgery… That one missed day can easily turn into two, then three, then a week, then a month! Don’t let that happen. Tell yourself you will not miss two days of exercising in a row! And stick to it! And if you are lacking the motivation to start, always remind yourself of the end result. A strong, healthy body, more energy, more feel good hormones, better productivity, and yes, a complete transformation of your shape. All of this means more confidence and a brand new you!

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