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3 Tips to Shave Your Legs Properly

3 Tips to Shave Your Legs Properly

Waxing, sugaring, threading, Dermaplaning and even burning. All very effective ways to get rid of unwanted body hair. But what about the razor? Why have we turned away from that tiny but mighty, handy dandy little shaving instrument? The answer? We have never learned how to shave our legs properly to get that smooth, virtually hairless finish. Shaving your legs is the tried and true method to get rid of leg, arm and facial hair. And if you have the need for speed, like a last minute invitation to an afternoon soiree and don’t have time to get waxed or sugar yourself, this is where why you must always have your razor ready! How to shave your legs properly to get that smooth finish is the real trick. And for the perfect leg shave, there is indeed a proper way to shave your legs. Below are 3 smooth shaving tips for you on how to shave your legs. The right way. 1. Exfoliate before you shave. This will lift up your hair to give you the closest shave possible. Try using an exfoliating soap. A good one to try is Dove Gentle Exfoliating bar. You can also use a brush to slough off those dead skin cells. 2. Use a disposable razor a maximum of 3 times. After that, it’ll go dull on you, leaving you with quick-growing stubble. 3. Shave with the grain, rather than against it first. This means to shave the way the hair grows on the first pass (i.e. shave downward). You can shave upwards on the second pass, if needed and if the “up” shave doesn’t irritate your skin. Enjoy… Till next time Kellie

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