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5 Ways to Hide Forehead Wrinkles Naturally

How to Hide Forehead Wrinkles Naturally

Has squinting and frowning over the years created the “11 – eleven” between your eyebrows? If you are super animated like me and raise your eyebrows every time you laugh or speak, have the deep wrinkles etched their way into your forehead like Mount Rushmore? I get it. I mean, the majority of us are human and not walking and talking mannequins, right? So, if you are looking for a natural way to hide forehead wrinkles without spending a lot of money, including heading off to the MED SPA for a dose of BOTOX, check out my 5 easy tips for forehead wrinkle success. 1. BANTOX! Bangs can camouflage lines on your forehead, though not everyone can pull off a “blunt bang” cut (you know the one in which the bangs hang straight across the forehead) without emphasizing other signs of aging. Instead opt for a side-sweeping bang, which tends to give you a fun, youthful, and soft look. 2. Filling Putty! Cosmetic fillers are great. My dear friend and cosmetic super star Adrien Arpel, of Signature Club A calls this spackle, similar to a putty you fill holes in the walls of a house. You scoop it out with a q-tip or a provided utensil, apply over the desired area, let the heat of your body warm the filler to build up or “FILL IN” the deep line or furrow, and VIOLA! Smooth as a baby’s bottom! 3. InstaLift Serums. Instant lifts are all the rage now. They lift the skin and fill the lines and wrinkles. The results can last for hours. I particularly like the serums as they are light weight and don’t leave a buildup of “putty-like substance” on the face if applied to heavily. I recommend using an Instant Lifting product that can lift, fill, firm, erase and give you both and INSTANT fill as well as some long term benefits. I created an instant lift product that can do all of this. It is called About Face: Lift. Fill. Erase.

It is composed of 7 peptides, seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to strengthen the delicate eye area foundation for long term benefits. The results are very apparent (see image below) and last for hours.

4. Make-up. Light reflecting makeup and concealers are tops on my list. Remember how your mom always said to wear black if you want to look thinner? Or, if you wear white, you will look fuller? Well, the same goes for makeup. A lighter colored concealer will BRING OUT your skin. Meaning, make the area you are accenting look fuller. And in this case, hide the forehead wrinkles. Naturally! Yves Saint LaurentTouche Eclat concealer is by far my favorite. You can team that up with Yves Saint LaurentTouche Eclat Blur Primer for optimum results. 5. DermaWand! DermaWand is a great beauty tool that bombards the skin with thermal energy and enriched oxygen to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I have seen it do wonders to hide forehead wrinkles too! It helps to remove deep wrinkles and skin folds and, better yet, it can give your forehead the look of an instant forehead lift!

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