• Kellie Olver

This Ice Cube Trick Makes Your Make-Up Last Longer

This Ice Cube Trick Makes Your Make-Up Last Longer

Do you find that your makeup doesn’t last as long in the warmer months? Do you have 15 seconds for tighter, firmer, more lifted looking skin?

Never fear, simply use the ever famous ice cube trick, a beauty tip I learned from my make-up artists at Home Shopping Network (HSN) in Florida. This ice cube trick make-up tip will be your new best friend 12 months out of the year. Not only will it help your makeup stay put longer, but it can help to shrink your pores and temporarily lift, tighten and firm the skin on your face, as well as deflate the the under-eye puffiness. And give you a nice rosy glow. In the winter months you skin will feel firm and moist, countering the dryness that typically accompanies winter. In the summer months, the ice cube trick will keep your skin feeling cool and fresh. You might even find your replacing your make up primer with this affordable, easy to use beauty primer bump up. To do the ice cube trick, before you apply your face makeup, rub an ice cube all over your face. Including both eye lids and under eye, lips, cheeks, chin and forehead. You may want to cover the cube with a soft cloth.

You’ll also likely notice that your foundation spreads more easily too. That’s because closed pores provide a smoother surface for your makeup to glide on. Try making green tea ice cubes or add a little rose hip water to your ice cube tray. This will add anti-oxidants and aromatherapy benefits to your new beauty burst. Want the ice, without the wet? Try using an Ice Roller for your face. There are plenty to be found. I know TJ Max has them on occasion. In fact I grab them when I see them at TJMax for gifts to my friends. Another one I recommend and have tried is the Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller. You can order at Amazon. Reference: https://www.amazon.com/Hansderma-Skincool-Roller-At-Home-Massage/dp/B007UMQ410?th=1

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