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You MUST drink water after a massage – True or False?*

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A good massage can be the best treatment you can give yourself – or an expensive disappointment. And it might come down to whether you drink water afterwards. How come??? The best things about a professional massage are:

- Fixes those nagging aches and pains - Relieves muscles twists you may not even know you have - Stimulates circulation - May lower blood pressure - Draw out toxins from inside the body to the skin surface - Creates that truly deep relaxation mode that even a nice warm bubble bath can’t do – there is nothing like having expert hands to encourage you to just let it all go!


For the rich and famous, regular (even daily) massage is an anti-aging secret we wish we all could enjoy. For the rest of us, it’s a once in a while treat. Now I always drift off during a deep massage, even if it sometimes causes a little discomfort as the muscles and joints are manipulated. Its just such a special experience in the hands of a pro. There are really no negative effects of a wonderful massage. But I do find myself disoriented and a little wobbly when I get off the table. What’s that all about? Well, a good massage is done in a well-above-room temperature environment. This promotes blood flow and relaxation of the muscles, to allow the therapist to do their thing. And the masseuse will use special oils to lubricate and provide grip on the body to allow them to manipulate where they need to. These will contribute to drawing moisture out of your body and leaving you somewhat dehydrated. So yes, it is True – you need to drink water after a massage.

Drink water

What is more, remember one of the benefits of massage is the release of toxins from inside the body tissues. You really need to finish the job of flushing these toxins all the way out of your system. Drinking lots of water for several hours after your massage treatment is the way to do it. To finish the job, replenish your system with a delicious drink of Triple K. This will start to recharge the collagen broken down in the massage treatment and act as an alternative rehydration source. So that’s it. Enjoy all the wonderful benefits of an expert massage but make sure to finish the job – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And relax!

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