• Kellie Olver

Stay Motivated While Rehabbing From Injury

Stay Motivated While Rehabbing From Injury

Having trouble staying motivated while rehabbing from an injury? Here are 6 things you can do to keep your interests and desires up to exercise while recovering from an injury.

1. Seek out a support person or team. Perhaps this is your spouse, a friend, or a personal fitness coach.

2. Realize that your pain and range of motion is improving every day.

3. Set small, yet attainable goals.

4. Try something new. Maybe you cannot run, but swimming may be an option.

5. Incorporate music. Music can put you in an upbeat mood, help you to forget about the pain, and get your moving.

6. Track your progress.

Above all, remember that healing is a process. It will take time. You will get better.

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