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Sugar, sugar: love it – or love it – stop it from killing you!*

Sugar, sugar: love it – or love it – stop it from killing you!

Everyone knows sugar is bad for you: besides making you look older, yes, indeed, sugar can ultimately kill you.

Is Sugar Bad for You? by Kellie Olver

So, how much sugar do you consume? Well, if you are an average American, that’s 130 lb per year! What?! And while the US is the leader of the pack of the western world, there are plenty of other countries doing their best to catch up including Germany, Britain and Canada all in the Top 10[1].

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Think about that number – how is that possible? And the people who make the food for us, the food that is simply heat and eat, they know how to do their magic. They simply add sugar. Well, to begin, sugar is in everything from ketchup to corn flakes. And as a society we eat for convenience, and taste! So, how do we break the addiction and sill have flavor? One way is to add fat – the mouth feel and fulfillment of fat really boosts the satisfaction we get from food. But people became trained to avoid fat many years go.

Different types of sugar

So the food scientists substituted sugar – and the game was on to create the most addictive foods possible so we would buy more and more. And to hide the sugars in names people did not understand like glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, honey, fruits and fruit juice, corn syrup…. And what are the consequences?

1. Obesity and diabetes, for sure! And that’s not all. 2. Your skin ages faster because collagen – the building block of our skin, bones and joints – can become rigid in the presence of excess sugar and lose its elasticity[2]. 3. Cell damage, including brain effects, can occur from the accelerated oxidation from fructose. 4. And we can experience mood swings from the effect of withdrawal each time the short term rush of a sugar ‘high’ abates.

So what to do?

Triple K Collagen Protein beverage blend by Kellie Olver

We really want filling, healthy and tasty snacks and foods, without the sugars and without the fats and calories. One of these is Triple K, a delicious dietary supplement. No added sugar, no fat, and only 60 calories – with more than 20% of the daily requirement of protein – and the protein it provides is very special. It actually helps your skin look better and has lots of other benefits too. Really worth looking at.

Sugar, sugar – our love affair is over, and just in time! For all sorts of reasons, it is time to move on! Until Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

* Disclaimer

Reference: [1]https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/02/05/where-people-around-the-world-eat-the-most-sugar-and-fat/?utm_term=.e264b2f70591 [2]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2125217/How-giving-sugar-20-years-looks.html

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