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How Singing Keeps You Young: 5 Anti-Aging Benefits of Singing Everyday*

How Singing Keeps You Young: 5 Anti-Aging Benefits of Singing Everyday

Do you like to sing? A lot of people do – whether they are giving Streisand, Lady Gaga or Celine Dion a run for their money or not! But do you know why you like to sing? Because it makes you feel good – and because it is good for you!

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Singing is good for you – and has no known negatives (except the reviews of the critics – but what do they know anyway???!).

Singing is so good for you

Singing is so good for you it can and should actually be an everyday component of your strategies to act younger, feel younger, and feel younger. Oh, and its free - yes!

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How can singing keep you young ? Here are some things singing does for you:

1. Singing causes the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that are associated with pleasure. They are sometimes associated with the ‘runners high’, the feeling of euphoria, low stress and well being runners sometimes get after a long hard run;

2. Singing also causes the release of oxytocin, another hormone that reduces stress and anxiety;

3. Studies show that singing reduces feelings of depression and loneliness. This could also be due to oxytocin release; there is also the theory that singing evolved in nature to enhance the cohesiveness of groups in society. So it could naturally be linked to creating a sense of belonging;

4. Singing can be a solo act but is better in a group setting. In fact, singing in a group is so popular that over 32 million Americans now sing in choirs, up by many millions in recent years. So anyone can join – singing provides an easy and pleasant way to make new bonds and meet new people, including those outside our existing circles;

5. Singing is an all absorbing activity – you can’t really think of other things, including the problems of the day, while you are belting out ‘My Way’ (or ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’). And that is good – our minds need a break to refresh, re-energize, and restore a proper and healthy perspective on life.

Sing along to music

One study showed that singers get more benefits over time – the more singing the better! Levels of cortisol – an indicator of being under stress – were lower for singers as a group than non-singers (who are those people!). What is this to do with anti aging and staying young? Lots! People under stress tend to adopt poor habits as coping mechanisms. This can include all sorts of bad behaviors leading to accelerated aging, such as, poor eating, not exercising, not looking after our skin and general health, not socializing…the list goes on! Oh and one very important thing – people under stress may resort to (legal and not legal) drugs and pharmaceuticals to manage their stress instead of healthy habits and mental attitude.

Group singing

Singing is a (non chemical) solution. And especially singing in groups. Socializing with other people is an important or even essential element of staying young, healthy and positively thinking. And group singing can bring you together with people you might otherwise never meet – like young people! And nothing will keep you young like reaching out to people younger than you, positive and optimistic thinkers that can look to you for guidance and mentorship, while you are benefiting from their youthful attitudes. Singing can cut across age and generation gaps like few other activities. So sing every day – the more you sing, the younger you will feel and maybe even look! Go for it!

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