• Kellie Olver

Can Vicks VapoRub™ Get Rid of Stretch Marks and Acne?*

Vicks VapoRub™

We all grew up with Vicks, right? That magic potion that could almost cure the worst the worst cough, cold, congestion and sniffles, seemingly overnight. Rub it on your chest, and a little below your nose and Viola! All better in the morning… – mmm I could use some of that right now! But did you know – that curing the common cold was not the only magnitude of Vicks’ powers! Why? Because throughout the years, us ingenious ladies have discovered many more uses for Vicks than Vicks VapoRub™ ever dreamed of!

Vicks is also ood at treating acne

For example. Did you know Vicks is also really good at treating acne – yes! And what about stretch marks? Does Vicks really get rid of stretch marks? My Mom’s Mom used Vicks to get rid of her stretch marks. See, Vicks and stretch marks go way back! Let’s start off with acne. Put Vicks on your zits liberally, leave overnight, repeat. In about a week, you will see remarkable results. How can this be? The major active ingredients in Vicks are all anti bacterial and they have all been around forever (makes sense since Vicks itself dates back to the 1800s). They are Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol. The beauty of the Vicks combination is that these three work better together than they do alone. Over time, they will absorb the cystic acne zit, calm inflammation and ease away redness. Yes, and all for a lot less than special purpose acne treatments.

So now we see – it’s actually pretty clear why Vicks can work on acne. But, come on, Vicks and stretch marks? Really? It is reported that only a tummy tuck is capable of getting rid of stretch marks. So how does Vicks do it? How should I use Vicks to at least try and get rid of my stretch marks? That’s the easy part. Blend Vicks into the skin before bed, wrap saran wrap around (or wear leggings) and sleep on it. The oil blend of Vicks VapoRub™ is special. In addition to Eucalyptus Oil, Vicks has other oils, including Camphor, Petrolatum, Cedar leaf oil and even Turpentine (!) oil. I call this the magic elixir that can work to reduce, if not totally eliminate, the appearance of stretch marks.

Even though Vicks Vaporub™ makes no claim on the elimination or reduction of stretch marks (or acne or mosquito bites for that matter), the idea is that the Vicks will soften the skin and moisturize: together these may markedly reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. I say, give Vicks a try. You have tried many other magic potions for your face and body. Hey, Vicks has been around for over a century and you have millions of women throughout the centuries putting Vicks to the test. You have nothing to lose but those nasty stripes! Until Next Time Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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