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9 Science Driven Reasons We Need Water*

9 Science Driven reasons we need  water/the 9 REAL reasons you need water

Why do we need to drink water? Because we need it. We need water to survive.

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The bottom line is we are made of (mostly) water[1]. Did you know that our body is up to 60% water by weight? Hard to believe isn’t it. So, where is all that water? Well as it turns out its everywhere. Our brain and our heart are each about ¾ water (!) and the kidneys nearly 80%. You know, even the bones are almost 1/3 water by weight. So, why do we need to drink water? Its pretty clear – for maximum health benefits, the water that is critical to every part of our body needs to be replenished every day.


That’s why we can live for many days without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived a three-week complete fast, for example) but 3 or so days is about the limit for going without water, less in hot and dry conditions. We all need water because every cell in our body depends on it. And we lose water every day through sweating, through urination, even just by breathing out. So, the health benefits of drinking water are profound. 1. Mobility - Our Joints Need Lubrication The articular cartilage known as Hyaline is 60 – 85% water[2]. When the body is short of water, it gives preference to the brain, heart, kidneys and other essential organs and draws water away from other areas. But this cartilage cannot repair itself – that’s why surgery is often the only solution for damaged Hyaline cartilage. So, stay hydrated for maximum joint health benefits

Beautiful skin

2. Appearance - The Skin Depends on Water As the skin is 2/3 water, it makes sense that not having enough water, is going to show! Sure enough, symptoms of inadequate water intake include: dry skin, wrinkles, dark circles under the eye, and breakouts! This list should be enough to get you to the tap and remind you why you must drink plenty of water every day 3. Waste Management – Water Flushes Waste and Toxins from Our Bodies Through Urination Urination is an essential process to deal with the substances the body needs to get rid of[3]. Dehydration can lead to reduced urination; repeated dehydration can lead to kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Not a good idea – keep drinking!

Body Temperature

4. Temperature – Regulation of Body Temperature Requires Water The water in our body acts as a form of ‘heat sink’ in the body. When the outside temperature is high, the water in the body can absorb the excess heat; when the temperature is low, the water releases the heat, thereby keeping the temperature of the body’s vital elements at optimal levels continuously[4]. 5. Brain Health – The Brain Needs Water to Make Hormones and Other Chemicals Did you know a study showed that drinking a glass of water could make reaction times 14% faster?[5] And an hour and a half of sweating can shrink the brain as much as a year of aging. Fortunately, things are easily restored with adequate water intake. Your brain needs water for optimal health and function all the time.

6. Digestion – Essential for Converting Food into Elements We Need Water is needed to convert the food we eat into the nutrients we need. And to ensure the smooth passage of both the nutrients and the residual waste to the parts of the body they need to get to. 7. Oxygen – Water Transports Oxygen throughout the Body The liquid portion of our blood is called plasma, which is 92% water. While we get oxygen from the air we breathe, the blood is the main mechanism by which oxygen is transported to every living cell in the body to achieve vital functions[6].

Blood pressure

8. Blood – Water is Needed to Replace Blood; Low Blood Volume Causes Low Blood Pressure Dehydration can produce lower blood volume and thereby potentially dangerous low blood pressure[7]. Dehydration can be caused by many things, not just under-consumption of water, but for best health benefits, stay hydrated! 9. Headaches – Higher Water Consumption is Associated Less Headaches A German study of migraine sufferers showed that a group that simply consumed an extra 6 cups of water a day had far less migraine pain than a control group. And the benefits go on. Here’s a bonus – drinking water cold can burn calories! Yepp, the body has to warm up the water and that takes work. That 5 pounds a year! So, there it is. Why do we need to drink water? Water for life is not just a slogan, It’s a reality. The health benefits of adequate water cannot be overstated. Drink long and prosper!

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