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Kellie Spa Tips and Tricks to Melt the Pounds*

Kellie Spa Tips and Tricks to Melt the Pounds

1. Preparation with purpose! Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions as you prepare your food during prep time. Remember the movie, “Like Chocolate for Water”? Enjoy the prep time, think good thoughts, give thanks to the food for helping you achieve the health and wellness you so deserve and desire.

Eat in style

2. Eat in style. Food and meals are a sensory experience. Take the time to sit down for your meal. Make your eating area beautiful. Put some flowers on the table and better yet, place a flower or other garnish on the plate you are eating from. Experience and give thanks to the meal: the smell, the taste and the texture. And take your time. 3. Smell the roses. Remember to breathe. Any time of day is the right time to take mini vacation stress break for yourself. Remember, Stress hormones, such as cortisol, trigger belly fat and weight gain. Your daily stress busting breath fest can help to keep your metabolism stoked for optimal fat burning potential. 4. Eat real food. Real food means real taste. Make

Eat real food

your own fresh everything, Clean and simple meals are tasty and easy to prepare using fresh ingredients. No packaged foods as they are typically processed, filled with salts and Tran’s fats and lack flavor. 5. Don’t forget the fiber. Yes, fiber, and that includes FRESH fruits and veggies, as well as certain whole grains and cereals. Fiber fills you up because it typically takes up more space in your belly, so, you just might eat less.

Beef up the protein

6. Beef up the protein. We know protein, especially when eaten in the morning, helps prevent cravings and induces satiety and feeling fuller longer. Balance out your protein choices throughout the days and weeks by incorporating various kinds of proteins. This will help to balance out the amino acids (better for you) and add variety and new tastes to your diet. Include proteins such as beans, skinless chicken or turkey, lean meats including free range beef and or bison, wild caught salmon, low-fat dairy and eggs. 7. Be fearless with fats. You must have fats in your diet. They make your whole body better including skin, metabolism, digestive track, having a better bowl movement, as well as necessary for hormone and enzyme activity. Choose between both the actual oil and the food itself. …such as Avocado, Olive, Almond or Sesame. 8. Be a stalker of farmers markets. Besides

Be a stalker of farmers markets

being a great outing, farmers markets typically have lower prices for fresh, organic ingredients. Locally grown ingredients usually means fresh, but be aware of the vendor you are shopping with. Ask them if they have their own farm and when they picked the produce you are purchasing. 9. Drink Up. Dehydration drains your energy and may even hamper metabolism.

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