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Where does fat go when you lose weight?

Where does fat go when you lose it?

So, you want to lose some weight, be healthy and fit into your skinny clothes. The only way to really achieve this is to eat clean, drink water, sleep, keep muscles strong and move your body. And when you do that, you should achieve your goals including lose some pounds and fat.

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Now that you have dropped a few, have you ever wondered where DOES the fat go when you lose weight?? Does it just disappear? Do we poop it out? Silly questions, right? And for most, it’s not something you’d really wonder about as long as the fat is gone. And sometimes, we wish we could wish our fats away just like in a fairy-tale. Hmmm, where is that genie lamp?

But seeing as though wishing away our fat is not an option, let’s look to science for the definitive answer to “where does the fat go when you lose weight”. I know I’d like to know where fat goes when you lose it.

Check this out.... In a recent study conducted by a research team at the New South Wales University, they concluded, that, and I am simplifying this right now, we breathe fat out when we lose weight. Their research identified that 84 percent of fat is lost through exhaling C02, while the rest of it (16%) is lost through other bodily fluids such as tears, urine and sweat. Shocking, isn’t it. Let’s dummy this down…

Fat loss is not weight loss. Although the former can result

to the later, they are not the same process. When you lose weight, it means your number on the scale has decreased. And the lower number on the scale can be due to many factors such as decrease in water retention, muscle loss, a big poop, AND, yes, even fat loss. Fat cells are a part of you as fat is necessary for various bodily functions such as fueling your muscles, keeping you warm, nutrient transfer, hormone, and well, protecting your insides.


You can lose the fat out the fat cell through exercise as fat is fuel for the muscles, but once you have a fat cell, they are there forever. Fat cells never go away except with liposuction. Fats are stored in your fat cells. When you eat too much sugar and processed foods for example, any leftovers gets turned into fat and ported over to your fat cells which makes your fat cells enlarge – aka get bigger. You will never lose fat cells when you lose weight but instead, these cells get smaller by pushing out the stored fats to fuel your body, especially during exercise. Your body burns these fatty acids (triglycerides) turning them into energy. And just as a car has an exhaust byproduct as it burns fuel, so does your body have a byproduct when burning fat: carbon dioxide and water. Your lungs expel Co2; your body expels the water in the form of sweat, urine and tears. That is what happens to fat when you lose it.

But wait, don’t go all trigger happy with breathing exercises! (Have a look at the video, you will get a laugh)

Source: https://youtu.be/2R5lQyUgmm8

It might cause you nausea and other health issues due to too much oxygen. There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing is bad for your health” when it comes to oxygen intake. This time, it’s not as simple as breathing. Regrettably, your body must go through a metabolic

process to “burn” those triglycerides. That can only happen when you move your body a lot. And the most effective way to go about it is to work out regularly. You also must watch what you eat. Frequent hydration will also help the process to completion faster and well, water replenishes your body. Furthermore, the organ in your body that’s your best ally when it comes to weight loss is your lungs. Researchers on this study, Dr. Ruben Meerman and Dr. Andrew J Brown, have determined that the lungs are one of the most important factors in the process. Proper breathing during work outs will increase the conversion of these fat cells to Co2 and H20. You’ll sweat more and exhale more body fats! A great way to incorporate deep breathing is with YOGA.

yoga poses you can do at your desk

Yoga incorporates breathing into the exercises and it’s deemed as a low impact but a more effective work out for weight loss. Again – with the proper diet. It is but apt to answer the question “where does fat go when you lose weight” with the magical quote – “it vanishes into thin air!”. In due course, you will expel that excess fat off you – revealing a killer physique – if you keep to your workout routine and a healthy lifestyle. Till next time

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