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TSA Rules for Liquids: Can You Bring Makeup on a Plane?

TSA Rules for Liquids: Can You Bring Makeup on the Plane?

Going on a vacation and fretting about whether you can bring makeup on a plane? The TSA rules for liquids and make up can be quite daunting and easy to forget. Now, I’m a seasoned traveler and have been all over the world and I still can’t remember if I can take make-up on a plane. The rules truly aren’t that confusing, yet I’ve lost more than my fair share of high-quality face creams, hair sprays and foundations to the unforgiving TSA agents at various security checkpoints. So how exactly do you handle the TSA rules for liquids when it comes to cosmetics, perfume and other personal care products in carry-on bags? Let me save you the trouble (and lost products!)! I did some digging to get you the final word on what type of makeup, face creams, hair spray and more can be included in your carry-on bag. I have an itemized list below.

But first, it all starts with TSA rules for Liquids! Bookmark this blog so you can go back to it in the future!

TSA Rules for Liquids You Can Take on the Plane

Liquids You Can Take on the Plane

The Transportation Security Administration has some strict guidelines around liquids, gels and aerosol products, so your best bet is to put these items in your checked bags whenever possible. If you’re going on an overnighter and only carrying on a bag, this is what you’ll need to do:

• All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in a 3.4 ounce or smaller container • Your 3.4-ounce containers must fit within a single, small Ziploc-size bag • Only one bag per passenger

The good news is that if you’re traveling with someone, you can pass them some of these limited-access items if they have space in their travel bag. Don’t want to check a bag just to save an expensive item? Consider having it shipped to your destination! This may only cost a few dollars, but there is always the chance that something will be broken or lost in shipping. When it comes to make up, you must first determine if the product is a liquid, gel or solid? So, what’s the difference? Pop Quiz: Liquid, Gel or Solid? Let’s test your knowledge of the TSA liquid and aerosol rules. Can you tell whether the following are considered liquids and need to be placed in your clear plastic Ziploc bag? Answers are at the end of the post, but no cheating!

1. Eyeliner (anything other than pencil) 2. Mascara 3. Concealer 4. Foundation 5. Lip balm/ lipstick 6. Lip gloss 7. Suntan lotion 8. Gel deodorant 9. Toothpaste 10. Cream blush

I bet you get at least one of these wrong – I did! Makeup You Can Take on the Plane

Makeup You Can Take on the Plane

Now that you have a good grasp of what’s a solid or a liquid, let’s break down what type of makeup needs to be in your checked luggage and what can come on the plane with you.

Bring this makeup on the plane:

• Powder foundation, blush, concealer or setting powder • Pencil eyeliners • Powder eyeshadow

Bring this makeup on the plane (but pop it into your TSA-approved liquids bag):

• Gel eyeliner • Mascara • Liquid foundation (less than 3.4 ounces) • Liquid primer • Cream blush • Setting spray (less than 3.4 ounces)

As a reminder, anything over 3.4 ounces of liquid or gel will need to be added to your checked luggage! While we are at it, I have included more TSA rules for liquids you might want to carry on the plane, just in case! TSA rules for Medicines and Other Liquid Exemptions

Mothers of small children will be glad to know that breast milk, formula and juice will be allowed for infants or toddlers, if you inform a TSA agent that you have these liquids in your bags. They will be required to go through X-ray screening, along with any gel or liquid freezer packs required to keep the items cool during your flight. Jarred and canned baby foods are safe to bring on the plane, as well as any gel teethers. Medically necessary creams, liquids, aerosols or gels are exempted from the liquid rules, but these items will need to be screened separately, too. This exemption also covers items such as pumps, syringes and IV bags as needed. More TSA Rules for Liquids That Need to Go in Your Checked Baggage

Obviously, anything larger than a 3.4-ounce package will need to go in your checked baggage, including things such as full-size suntan lotion, perfume, mouthwash and aftershave. Full size insect repellants also need to be added to checked baggage, while smaller aerosol cans will go into your clear baggie. Of course, wine, liquor, beer and any other alcoholic beverage over 3.4 ounces must be packed in your checked baggage. While you can carry on mini bottles of adult beverages, you still can’t drink them due to some additional TSA policies that require you to purchase your alcohol from the airline. If you’re a vaping aficionado, you’ll have to give your habit a pass when you’re in the airport. E-cigarettes and all vape pens are prohibited in passenger areas, but not for the reason you may think. The lithium batteries are the culprit – as these little devils tend to catch fire! Personal Care Accessories You Can Carry on a Plane

Personal Care Accessories You Can Carry on a Plane

If you were planning to clip your fingernails (or toenails, yuck!) on a plane, you’re in luck! Nail files, nail clippers and nail scissors with blades that are four inches or shorter can be carried on a plane. However, utility knives, box cutters and safety razor blades are only allowed in checked luggage, and not in the passenger areas of an airplane. Disposable razors and cartridges can easily be packed into your carry-on and will not even receive a raised eyebrow from the TSA agents. Other Cool Stuff

Depending on where you’re headed, there may be some random items you’ve been wondering if you can pop into your carry-on. Many sporting items are prohibited, including: bows and arrows, hockey sticks, mini and regular size baseball bats, golf clubs and cricket bats. I am personally glad that these items aren’t allowed in the passenger area! Even if someone didn’t have bad intentions, these large items would be very uncomfortable poking you in the ribs in a crowded plane! That’s it! A solid roundup of everything you need to know before you pack. Don’t be worried about taking a quick flight and skipping the bag check – you’ve got the details you need to breeze through all those security checkpoints! Till Next Time

Kellie Growing Younger Every Day! PS…...how did you do? Here’s the answer key to ‘Liquid, Gel or Solid’:

1. Eyeliner (anything other than pencils) - liquid 2. Mascara - Liquid 3. Concealer - Liquid 4. Foundation – Liquid, unless it’s powder foundation 5. Lip balm/ lipstick - Gel 6. Lip gloss - Liquid 7. Suntan lotion - Liquid 8. Solid deodorant –Solid 9. Toothpaste - Gel 10. Cream blush - Gel

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