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Are You an ‘Elite’ Anti-Ager?*

‘Elite’ Anti-Ager

How to feel like a 30 or 40 year old in your 50’s, 60’s or 70’s! We are all interested in aging with grace, health and beauty. But like everything else in life, some of us are more focused than others! For a lot of people, a brisk walk every day is our investment in anti-aging: for others, unless it’s a 5-mile run getting ready for that half marathon, its just not enough!

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Some people just want to go one better and they approach aging that way: they are aiming for ‘elite’ performance. They are looking to keep that feeling from their 30’s and 40’s well into the 60’s, 70’s and beyond. What does that mean for their physical health routines? Can a 70-year-old feel and perform like someone 20 or 30 years younger? Well, genes and health permitting, maybe you can – but you have to have a focused and intentional program to make it happen. If you want to be an Elite Anti-Ager, maybe looking at how other Elite performers do it is a good starting point. Some of the best athletes in the world are people who

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make their living sitting down! Hard to believe but true – Formula 1 race drivers make millions on their butts, but have to be in fantastic shape to do their jobs. How do they do it? Especially since we know that sitting is the new smoking and is responsible for a rise in high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer…Remember beware the chair? The job of a Formula 1 driver is to spend 90 minutes in a suit at 120 degrees Fahrenheit driving at up to 200 mph and enduring g-forces like a fighter pilot! That calls for an "all around" athlete – and that’s what you want to be to age like a champion. So how do they do it? An all-around program includes mobility, flexibility, endurance, speed, and strength. Do you have to pay attention to all of these? Yes, you do. Even if you don’t plan to compete in a Formula 1 race, in the anti-aging race, they all count. And the way to stay on top of your race is to have a plan.

High Intensity Intrval Training

A great element of that plan is High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is great because it increases endurance, can be done in a wide range of settings, and doesn’t require a lot of time. Make it a foundation of your plan. Strength training is essential as we age, and strengthening our core is perhaps the most important single thing we can do. Likewise, weight training with light but challenging weights provides the combination of muscle and joint strengthening, and flexibility enhancement, that we need. Proper warming up and stretching are foundations for all other exercises, and one discipline that pulls it all together is yoga and I really encourage you to look into one of the many styles of yoga – there is something for everyone there. Elite anti-aging takes work but it can provide the priceless reward of real health life extension and enjoyment. You owe it to yourself to give it a try!

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