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7 Best Affordable Eyebrow Products You Can’t Live Without

7 Best Affordable Eyebrow Products You Can’t Live Without by Kellie Olver

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and our brows are the awning. As with every home, there must be overall harmony with the design and the same must be said about our eyebrows in relation to the shape and contour of our face. Which is why you need some really kick butt eyebrow products to fill in, reshape or enhance the current condition of your eye brow. And ones you can afford and come back for more. For this I mean there is nothing worse than finding an eyebrow pencil that gives you the perfect eyebrow, only to discover after the fact, it is too expensive to keep using on a regular basis.. So, what's the big deal on eyebrows you say? Well, let me give you the plain talk version. Eyebrows are used for expression, eyebrows bring attention to your eyes, eyebrows can take away 5-10 years from your age, IF, and I say IF, you have applied your current pencil or powder correctly. And you better start with good eyebrow products in the first place. So, lets get to it! The 7 Best Eyebrow Products You Can’t Live Without. Let’s start simple and with the best eyebrow pencil below $5 USD.

Image from https://www.rimmellondon.com/en_us/products/eyes/professional-eyebrow-pencil

1. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil is a steal at $3.99. If you are like to most of us who nearly plucked our eyebrows into extinction, then this pencil can add the needed cover and thickness. Cheap but effective brow filler, you can keep several brow pencils with you. You will use it up in no time. 2. E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit. An eyebrow survival kit to make Brook Shields proud. The E.L.F Gel and Powder Eyebrow Duo contains both an eyebrow powder and an eyebrow gel, with an angled brush for application and is available in three tones: Light, Medium, Dark and Ash. This compact is designed to be just that: COMPACT! Which means when you travel or when you carry a small handbag that simply does not have the space to carry a pencil, you need ELF. This cosmetic combat kit retails for $3 USD in most department stores.

Image from https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/eyes/brow/ultimate-brow-kit.html

3. If you have an extra dollar to spare then you might want to get Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. At $3.99, it is just a tad more expensive that the product above but gets the job done too. It's a mini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact. This five-piece set has everything you need to shape and maintain and includes 3 powders, tweezers and defined brush to fill in your brows. Reviews are all great and you get everything you need to make the perfect brows and keep them all in place. Plus, the powders are easy to blend but otherwise are well pigmented by themselves. 4. On the more upscale end, M.A.C. Eye Brows, eyebrow pencil, is right up there at $17 USD a pop. But it is said to hold on tight and not easily wash away. You can run, bike or hike and need not retouch your makeup. Available in the high-end section of most department stores, do not be afraid to explore and take a risk on this product.

Image from https://www.clinique.com/product/1595/5634/makeup/brows/brow-shaper#/shade/Soft-Brown

5. You have the thickness that you want and the shade of your dreams, you just need to whip your brow into shape. Do just that with Clinique Brow Shaper and make them look fuller or thicker. The natural shade makes them look real and does not have to be constantly touched up. This product retails for $17.00. 6. NYX Cosmetic Eyebrow Marker. Now, not all of us are blessed with perfect evenly thick brows. While most of us have thin uneven brows, others are unfortunate enough to have bald spots on theirs. Fret not as these bald spots can be easily remedied with NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow Marker, $9.75. Eyebrow markers are hard to come by and even harder to find a shade that suits your hair color. So, if you find one, get at least two. 7. Lastly, The classic Ultra Eyebrow Gel, $6.00. With that hard work on shaping, sculpting, coloring and even trimming wanton eyebrows, you want to preserve that. This eyebrow gel makes sure not a hair is out place, and everyone remains in their seat. A must have for every eye care cosmetic kit. Til Next Time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday





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