• By Kellie Olver

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Legs: 7 Surefire Techniques That Work*

Loose Skin on Legs - Kellie Olver

As you age, you may find your skin is loosening. I know mine has.

How does loose skin happen, you ask? Well, for me, extreme weight gain and weight loss plus poor diet choices including not getting enough protein have been my number one culprits.

So you know, loose skin can show up anywhere. For me, loose skin appeared in my legs.

For most of us, this loose skin naturally occurs over time and may be more or less significant because of genetics. Your skin relies on Collagen and Elastin to stay firm and youthful, which are reduced in your skin as you grow older.

For this reason, I know that this guide, How to Get rid of Loose Skin on Legs, 7 Surefire Techniques That Work, will soon be your new best friend.

Below I will reveal the best approaches (nutrition, non surgical and surgical) to leave you with firmer, smoother legs. So much so that you will be looking forward to summer and getting into your shorts again.

What causes loose skin on legs?

Aging and genetics are not the only factors causing loose skin on your legs. I am a firm believer that lifestyle plays a huge role.

If you have had significant sun damage, been a smoker, or made poor dietary choices for much of your life, you may notice your skin is looser than others. Dare I say the word "saggy" as well?

Additionally, weight gain and weight loss plays a huge role in loosening skin. Meaning, leaving you with a little present: a "saggy skin" reminder of your weight loss journey every day of your life.

Especially in individuals who have rapidly lost weight. Your skin is an incredibly elastic organ, when you gain weight more cells are created to accommodate for this growth.

However, when you lose weight, it is much more difficult for your skin to shrink to accommodate your weight loss, according to Dr. Thomas Sterry, plastic surgeon.

Losing weight requires incredible patience and self-discipline. I spent years battling the bulge and changing my mindset about food and my body images.

All of us, no matter what size should be proud of the body we live in!

Unfortunately, so many women who have lost weight or struggled with fluctuating weight find themselves feeling ashamed or embarrassed by the loose skin on their legs. If that sounds like you, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of women feel this way, including me. So, that is why I have put together this guide on How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Legs: 7 Surefire Techniques that Work to reveal tighter firmer smoother legs.

We are going to show actual video's on surgical leg lifts, plus talk about lipo and lasers, but before we go down that route, let’s start off with one of the cornerstones of my anti-aging platform and a must do for healthy, supple skin. It is also a starting point for anyone wanting to tighten saggy skin, or, through surgery, cut away the loose skin on legs once and for all.

Let’s take a look at these ways, shall we?

1. Diet and Skin Care

I’m a firm believer that proper diet and skin care play a vital role in helping you to look and feel younger.

A balanced diet will aid in preventing fat gain and loss of stubborn fat found in your thighs. Additionally, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is vital to the healing and toning of the skin on your thighs, according to FitDay.

Protein is your friend when it comes to overall health. Protein directly influences your weight —gaining or losing. And gaining and losing weight is a direct influencer on how your skin shows up —saggy or firm.

A steady diet of protein and other collagen boosting foods, is a great way to support tightening saggy skin and they are delicious food choices you can live with for the rest of your life.

Adding high protein foods to your diet including gelatin and or supplementing with collagen protein have shown very promising results in tightening up loose skin and also reducing the appearance of crepey skin.

Additionally, faithfully caring for your skin can have an anti-aging effect on the loose skin on your legs. This can be accomplished by routinely using products with ingredients such as Pomegranate oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, glycerine, Vitamin E, and Glycolic Acids which are all shown to help firm up slackened, loose skin.

Now, let’s take a look at the surgical and non-surgical approaches which are exceptional ways to remove excess skin from your thighs.

I told you we were gonna talk turkey, er, a surgery to get rid of loose skin! So, here we go!

2. Thigh Lift

When you want to look and feel younger, excess skin on your legs can feel embarrassing enough to keep you from wearing shorts or showing skin during the summer. One option I want to tell you about for confronting the loose skin on your legs is thigh lift surgery.

According to Dr. Don R. Revis of South Florida Plastic Surgery, this procedure removes excess skin and small amounts of fat from the thighs, which greatly improves the shape of the leg and has an anti-aging effect.

The severity of the excess skin and fat on your legs plays a big role in determining the surgeon's approach. For less severe cases of loose skin, a smaller incision is used and if the excess skin is more severe, the surgery follows suit.

Patients can choose from both inner and outer thigh lifts, according to Cosmetic Surg, and is focused on reducing sagging skin on the thighs. This procedure can be combined with lifts focused on other areas of the body such as full body lift including tummy, buttocks and thighs.

3. Liposuction

For individuals with a greater amount of fat on their thighs, a thigh lift alone typically won’t achieve the desired anti-aging results or help them look and feel younger. They may need to incorporate liposuction with their thigh lift.

This is especially true for those who have achieved weight loss through diet and exercise, but have found they have areas of their body which stubbornly hold on to fat.

We all have those areas, right?

If this is the case for you, you may want to consider liposuction with your thigh lift as one of your options for how to get rid of loose skin on legs: 7 Surefire Techniques That Work.

Liposuction can help you look and feel young by removing excess fat from your thighs or other areas of your body.

Liposuction is accomplished using small incisions and suction and is generally safe when using an experienced surgeon, according to Jayashree Venkataram, experienced liposuction surgeon.

While variations in liposuction surgery do exist, the most widely used method is Tumescent Liposuction. This method was developed as a safer and more effective alternative for proceeding liposuction methods.

Tumescent Liposuction can be performed with local anaesthesia, and has shown to significantly reduce bleeding associated with previously popular liposuction surgeries.

4. Skin Tightening Laser

When you are bothered by loose skin on your thighs, do you know that a skin tightening laser may help you to look and feel younger?

Lasers can tighten the skin on your legs by stimulating your body to produce more collagen, which is a protein that plays a huge role in your skin's ability to resist permanent changes such as stretching, says JuvaSkin a world-class laser and cosmetic surgery provider.

Laser treatments can be customized according to your specific needs and anti-aging goals.

Some skin tightening laser treatments focus on removing outer layers of skin so remaining layers can heal. Others though, target inner layers of skin.

One skin tightening laser is called Titan, which achieves in small amounts of tightening of the skin by applying energy to the layers of skin.

Another skin tightening laser, Thermage, uses radio frequency sound waves to tighten existing lax collagen and cause the skin to produce collagen.

Both of these treatments can tighten and tone skin, but the results take time and repeated treatment. Titan takes 3-4 treatments to achieve the same results of one Thermage treatment and is reported to be more painful.