• Kellie Olver

Having a Bad Day? Do these 3 Things Right Now

We all have good days and bad days. And when we have the bad ones, they are for good reasons! Meaning, the feeling of being ‘down’, unhappy or discouraged is not a mirage: it’s a real thing. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. Here are three things that you can do now, regardless of what’s bringing you down. 1. Get some perspective Sometimes our problems are truly profound and overwhelming, like a divorce, an illness or a death in the family, and these can be life-changing issues that cannot be ignored. But other times we are brought down by things that might be temporary or manageable: a difficult child, a job loss, family argument, that kind of thing. Stop what you are doing and get some perspective. Are your problems something where the saying “This too shall pass” is the best type of advice? I thought this came from the Bible, by the way (it doesn’t – it seems to be an old Persian saying) but the Bible can help too: 2 Corinthians 4: 17-18. Look it up if you like, but in a nutshell: don’t focus on the problems you have right now. Although, these problems might seem large, in the big scheme of things, they are not. And by putting your attention on the problems, they last longer than they need to. So, don’t focus on what you have (problems), focus on the things you want in the future - happiness, security, a family, a million bucks - the things unseen. Because the things we can’t see will soon be our reality. Set a new objective for your day Whatever is making this a ‘bad day’ for you might be a matter of attitude and perspective. That is, the things that are on your mind are making you feel that way. So, change what is on your mind. You might say, that’s not so easy, you have no idea how worried, bothered, concerned about this problem. That’s true – I don’t, but I do know it is not productive to be brought down by thinking about things you cannot immediately control. So change the things you are thinking about with a strong strategy – set an objective for the day that will make you feel good, and focus on it with all your might. The priority is, improve your day, lighten your mood, make yourself feel good. So it doesn’t really matter what your new, positive, focus for the day is: clean out your garage, buy a new dress, pick the winning lottery numbers! Doesn’t matter – just refocus your thoughts on something pleasant and away from your troubles. 2. Count your blessings It may seem like useless advice but most of us have good things in our lives that we just take for granted. And that’s a normal human thing: our day to day life we live, it’s the problems that seem to be important. Still, making a list/taking an inventory of what’s good in our life is an important to do from time to time. And the days when you are not feeling so positive are the very best times to do that. I can’t tell you what’s on that list but some categories to consider include: health, family, your pet, money, career, faith, and causes you believe in. Make a list for each of these categories and only put the positives. When you are done, you will have a fantastic set of the pluses in your life. And I think making the list itself will really help to turn a bad day into a positive and productive one. Give it a try please! Till next time, Kellie Growing Younger Everyday

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