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Rosehip Oil for the Face - 7 Best Uses

7 Best Uses for Rosehip Oil On Your Face and Skin by Kellie Olver

Rosehip oil, rosehip seed oil, rose hips, rose haw, rose hep… a precious oil with so many

names and so many uses must be popular. Just the name “rosehip oil” sounds exotic

and can conjure up images of slathering this precious oil all over your face and body

making your skin look clean, youthful and beautiful! And it does, because this precious

oil is great on skin. How to use it depends upon your skin care needs.

Below are what I consider the 7 best uses of rosehip oil for your face. And ultimately

your skin.

Acne – Kellie Olver

1. Rosehip Oil for Acne – the essential fatty acids in rosehip oil, combined with the high levels of the antioxidant vitamin C, can calm and heal the root causes of acne when massaged into the area;

2. Wrinkles – vitamin C stimulates collagen production in the skin, plumping out the skin and enhancing its appearance of youth. Plus, rosehip oil has vitamin A, a small molecule element that adds moisture and wrinkle fighting properties to the list of benefits;

3. Scars – rosehip oil can enhance the skin’s natural attempts to heal itself by providing a collagen boost to the skin;

Stretchmarks – Kellie Olver

4. Stretchmarks – applied regularly, rosehip oil can improve the strength and flexibility of the skin and reduce the appearance of lines in the stretch marked skin; Now most of us don't have stretchmarks on our faces, but if rosehip oil can improve the strength and flexibility of the skin on the body, think of what it might be able to do with supporting the firmness and elasticity in our face.

5. Eye Circles – applying rosehip oil to the sensitive skin under the eyes can reduce dark circle appearance on the face (for more immediate effects try a product like ReNuture About Face to reduce puffiness under the eyes in seconds);

6. Skin Brightening – another benefit of rosehip oil’s vitamin C is brightening of the skin on the face and body to counter the effect of aging and the environment that tends to cause the skin to become dull and lifeless;

7. Free Radicals – along with the other antioxidants in vitamin C, rosehip’s naturally occurring lycopene can protect skin from sun and environmental damage thus supporting your anti-aging needs.

Kellie Olver's Rose Hip Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe

A word of caution: a few people are sensitive to rosehip oil and may get irritated skin. Be sure to use it in some amounts in an inconspicuous place to make sure you are not one of them. If so, you may want to try rosehip oil skin care. This way you can get the benefits of rosehip oil without the fear of skin retaliation.

There are plenty of brands available. A few I have tried and liked are Radha Beauty- 4oz bottle, organic, $14.95; Gaia Purity - also 4oz, organic and $7.99; Molivera - Organic, cold pressed, 4oz, $12.17. All three available on Amazon. Remember, put rosehip oil on the face!. Don't eat it. Consuming rosehip oil can increase estrogen levels in women and cause stomach upset.

Now we can see why rosehip oil is one of the most searched for and researched oils out there. Be sure to give it a try.

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