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What Causes Bulging Hand Veins and How to Fix Them

What Causes Bulging Hand Veins and How to Fix Them

Have you ever wondered why the veins on your hands seem so large and sooo visible? Have you ever felt self conscious about this? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone. Millions of women (and men) around the world experience this.

The bulging veins on your hands make you look older and are a dead giveaway as to your true age. So even if your face is that of a 12-year-old, your hands will always betray you.

In this article, we will discuss what causes bulging hand veins, how to minimize their appearance and how to get rid of them for good.

What Causes Bulging Veins?

Hand Veins

Simply getting older is one reason. Just look at my hand, and, oh yeah, my arm in the picture at the left. Nice arm vein there, wouldn't you say?

As you age, you lose both collagen and fat. And that means that the plump protective layer underneath the skin and above the veins goes away revealing the largish purple veins laying close to the skin making them easy to see. When you are younger, you have plenty of fat and collagen which form that deep plump layer to protect the veins in your hands as well as push them down, away from your skin. What other things besides aging cause your hand veins to bulge? Hot Weather – hot weather just makes your hands and veins swell…making both appear larger. Medical Condition – vascular disease can be the instigator of what causes the veins in your hands to bulge. Always check with your physician with any concern you may be having. Do not self-diagnose. Exercise - Exercise is another factor that increases the size of your veins on your hands.

Heres how: Blood flows through the veins and floods the muscles. All this hard work causes the veins to be pushed closer to the surface of your body. Your hands are most susceptible because the skin is quite thin on your hands anyway and your hands are the last stop for blood flow before being returned to your heart.

Let's have some fun and do a little experiment.

Drop your arms by the sides of your body and wait for a minute. Then look at your hands. Do you see how large the veins get? Now raise your arms up and hold them above your head. Now look at your hands. Do you see how the oversized veins don't look so big anymore?

Isn’t it amazing how fast the veins in your hands disappear so quickly simply by lifting your arms up and over your head!

If you did not do our the little experiment, I did it for you!

Take a look at my hands in the picture below! In the before picture on the left, I have placed my hands down by my sides. You can see the socks on my feet! Look at how the veins bulge out!!! Even the arm vein is bulging.Now look at the after on the right. Veins smaller! Even the color of my hands are different!

Hands down vs. Hands up

What is happening? Blood flow. By dropping your hands by your sides, the blood is pooling in your hands making the veins pop. When you raise your arms above your head, the blood flows away from your hands, making the veins smaller.

Fact of the matter is, I use this simple little trick every time I need to show my hands on television! And this is a little trick you can use for yourself whenever or wherever you are!

How to get rid of bulging hand veins

Good news is there are several choices to effectively erase the look of hand veins as well as get rid of the oversized veins on your hands once and for all, including:

• Collagen Supplementation • Covering them up with cosmetics. • Using fillers to push oversized hand veins back down. • Surgery to cut out or disintegrate the veins

Collagen Supplementation

Yes, collagen protein supplementation can help get rid of hand veins naturally as it helps to restore lost collagen throughout your entire body.

And as we spoke earlier, more collagen means plumper hands. Plumper hands mean hand veins pushed further down.

I personally have seen a huge difference – meaning reduction in the size of my hand veins – both big and small, since I started drinking TK Collagen Restore 4 years ago. Have they gone away completely? Nope (as I have not resorted to surgery). But they are much better.

Cover Up Hand Veins with Cosmetics

Cover Up Hand Veins with Cosmetics

Another easy way to get rid of unsightly hand veins naturally is with an opaque foundation or concealer. Please understand a traditional make-up foundation does not have enough pigment in the formulation to completely cover the offending hand veins you want to get rid of. There are a few to choose from including Smart Cover Camouflage Concealer plus your choice of Derma Blend Leg and Body or Derma Blend Quick Fix Body Foundation Stick. Prices range from $22 to $30 depending upon where you shop. Simply apply the concealer on the visible bluish/purple veins on your hands and blend. If you want to get really creative, use a highlighter in the hollows of the knuckles and in between the shallow's found between the veins, bones and tendons.

This highlighting/lowlighting technique is the same techique we use on our faces to create a youthful looking appearance. Injectable Fillers to Get Rid of Unwanted Hand Veins When you have lost all your collagen and fat in your hands, fillers are your next best bet to minimize the appearance of oversized hand veins.

Fillers are an in-house procedure with virtually no down time and no anesthetic. You may experience slight bruising. Results typically last 3 to 6 months. Cost can be anywhere from $600 to $2,000+ depending upon how much you need.

Multiple choices are available including, fat replacement, Hyaluronic Acid, Radiesse and Restylane.


Radiesse Radiesse is a filler used by plastic surgeons and med spas to hide both bulging and every day veins on the hands. As a bonus, even knuckles and fingers can get a makeover.

According to Dennis Gross, MD New York Dermatologist, “Radiesse for hands is the first FDA approved treatment that makes the veins on the back of the hands disappear with INSTANT results!”

“How this procedure works is that the Radiesse is injected on the back of the hands between the knuckles, in between the veins and even on the fingers. It firms and plumps the thinned skin, making veins there go beneath the surface.”

Dr. Gross also claims the procedure is simple, zero pain with no downtime and the result is amazing! Slight bruising may occur. Restylane

Restylane Silk is another filler that volumizes and hydrates to give support to the back of the hands. This minimizes the appearance of deep dark veins on the back of the hands making the hand look younger.

Image from Dr. Melanie Palm

Fat Transfer

Check out that picture on the right! WOW! HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Fat transfer to the hands is another popular technique used today to hide the bluish purple oversized hand veins. As with the Restylane and Radiesse, fat adds more volume to your hand which in turn pushes the oversized hand veins further down in the hand. The fat treatments recommended for hand vein minimalization is a relatively easy one as fat is harvested from parts of your body (where you have a little extra to spare) in the same way fat is removed via liposuction.

The fat is cleaned then spun to capture the stem cells and finally injected back into your hands. The results are long lasting, and more than one session may be required to get desired results. Typically, a surgeon or trained injector will overfill the hands as on average the body absorbs approximately 30-40% of the fat back into the body.

Absorption rates vary based on your body. And remember, you want the fat beneath the skin on your hands to hide the oversized veins on your hands that are making you unhappy. Please note, there may be some swelling.

Costs of fat fillers are typically more expensive than other fillers ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. In some cases, anesthesia is required resulting in additional costs. Medical Procedures to Remove Hand Veins Now, you might be wondering, “ is it possible and is it safe to remove veins in the hands?”. I asked myself that very same question. Happy to report the medical experts say yes! The function of the veins in the hand is to carry blood back from the hands to the heart. Along with the veins on the top of the hand, there are veins below the surface. Removal of the surface veins is completely safe, as the blood finds additional routs below the surface veins. To ensure you are a candidate, your physician will perform simple tests to assess that your underlying veins are healthy and functioning properly. You may experience a slight swelling of the fingers following either treatment, but like all surgery, this does subside based on you, your procedure and how you heal.

Image from http://www.sunshineveinclinic.com.au/gallery/


Sclerotherapy is considered one of the fastest, most effective, virtually pain free medical treatments around to get rid of unwanted hand veins. With little or no downtime and risks, this medical procedure involves the injection of a saline solution or a saltwater/chemical solution known as a “sclerosant” into the bulging hand veins. As this can be done is about a 30-minute outpatient setting, it is also a very affordable treatment ranging between $400 and $1200 per treatment, depending upon location and doctor. Compression gloves will need to be worn for a few days or weeks after the procedure. Surgical Removal for bulging Hand Veins

Image from https://veintreatmentcenter.com/before-and-after/hands/

Mr Paul Baskerville, a highly-skilled and respected vascular surgeon based in London recommends surgical removal if the veins are oversized and/or tortuous (twisted), which would not allow the sclerotherapy procedure to get maximum results. For this medical procedure, a technique using radio frequency or small puncture incisions is used to remove the veins. Expect your hands to be bandaged for about one week after surgery. Bruising? Yes. And expect the bruising to last anywhere from 2-3 weeks for it to completely go away. This procedure requires anesthesia and an overnight stay.

Final tips for long term hand and hand vein happiness?

Always wear a sunscreen on your hands.

Try to keep your hands and arms horizontal to the ground, such as resting on your lap, to limit blood pooling in your extremities.

Keep hands moisturized at all time.

Look for collagen enhancing moisturizers to replenish and restore youthful looking skin,

Always eat collagen boosting foods.

Start a new fashion trend and wear gloves when outside. So, there you have it! And I hope this has helped answer your questions.