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Crapey Skin – 7 Truths You MUST Know

Crapey Skin – 7 Truth You MUST Know - Kellie Olver

Crapey skin is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat.

With so much information flooding the internet these days about crepey skin, I decided to give you the most important truths about crapey skin to answer all your questions.

First, bonus truth bomb: there is no difference between crapey skin and crepey skin. It's all in the spelling. Both are the same and neither is better nor worse. However both are a preverbial pain in the backside making us look and feel old before our time!

Here are some real world pictures of a severe case of crepey skin to show you what it looks like. As you look at the pictures can you see the loose, baggy, saggy, dry, thin skin that comes along with the crepey skin?

crepey skin on legs kellie olver

crapey skin on arms kellie olver

So let's dive right in to the 7 most important truths you will ever need to know about crapey skin. With knowledge comes power and this article will give you to power to get control of crepey skin once and for all.

1. Crapey skin is a skin condition that impacts women all over the world.

2. Crepey skin looks similar to crepe paper. Your skin is finely wrinkled and thin. It may feel loose or sag. Although crepey skin is much like wrinkles in various ways, it impacts bigger areas leaving your skin feeling thin and fragile. Crepey skin on legs, shoulders, chest, back, hands, face and neck are just some of the areas of your body it impacts. But, it's most common on your upper inner arms and under your eyes. 3. Crapey skin is caused by collagen loss, sun damage, rapid weight gain and weight loss plus poor nutritional choices, smoking, lack of moisture and more. 4. Differences Between Crepey Skin and

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Wrinkles The primary difference between wrinkles and fine lines and crepey skin is that wrinkles form due to repetitive motions in a single area, whereas crepey skin is where layers of your skin thins and their ability to go back to normal position declines. Unlike wrinkles that you get around your mouth and eyes because of repeated motion, crepey skin is often caused by sun damage. Exposure to the sun over time breaks your elastin down, which is your skin fibers that enable your skin to stretch and go back to its normal position. While these fibers may heal, they eventually get to the point where they can't repair at all after repetitive exposure over time. 5. Crapey Skin is different than deep lines and wrinkles. This is due as your chin and mouth ligaments loosen which allows your cheek's fatty tissue to sag.

Legs - Kellie Olver

6. Crepey skin can appear on the legs, arms, hands, feet, cheeks, eye lids, under eye, and chest. 7. Preventing Crapey Skin As you age, you lose elasticity in your skin due to dehydration, poor nutrition, collagen loss and other reasons. But, while you might not be able to avoid crepey skin completely, you can delay it. A few ways to do this include:

• Hydrating your skin daily. Keep your skin's elasticity firm. • Wear sunscreen. • Stay in the shade. • Pay attention to ingredients • Eat collagen boosting foods. Take a collagen protein supplement. • Use a crepey skin face cream or crepey skin body lotion.

So there you have it. Whether you call it crepey or crapey, it does not matter. Both are the same - a skin condition that is difficult to treat, but not impossible to beat.

To beat it? I recommend an inside outside treatment which I spoke about above as your best bet for change.

Now that you finally have the truth about crapey skin you can do something about it.

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