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How to get Rid of Crepey Skin

How to get rid of crepey-skin Kellie Olver

I used to believe nothing could get rid of crepey skin. As a crepey skin expert, I am here to tell you I was wrong as there really are some one of a kind crepey skin beauty treatments that do work to reveal younger, smoother skin.

Best Crpey Skin Treatment CrepeySkinFX

But here's the scoop. Getting rid of your crepey skin is not just about applying lotions and potions to the surface of your skin. An important part, yes.

But to truly get the crepe free flawless skin you want you must also include an "inside approach" to help achieve and maintain the smooth, glowing and youthful looking skin that you desire. Which is the real reason why I wrote this blog - as the truth needs to be told.

In this blog you will learn what is crepey skin, what causes crepey skin plus 7 best practices to get rid of it and help keep it gone.

So, how do I know all this and what makes me a crepey skin expert?

Because I had crepey skin. And I got it gone! See for yourself below.

Crepey Skin Before&After on calf

* Unretouched photo. Results will vary.

Fact of the matter is I had crepey skin on my arms, hands, thighs and calves.

Sure, I tried plenty of creams, lotions and potions that made a lot of promises to make my skin smooth and youthful again. Unfortunately they did not deliver the flawless skin I craved.

I wanted the kind of results you can see without a magnifying glass. Don't you?

So, I decided to make a crepey skin treatment, for myself, that would work and WOW even me! But first, I had to start digging.

I had to learn everything there was to learn about skin. Old skin, young skin, new skin and more specifically crepey skin: what it is, what causes it and how to get rid of it. (All of which you will get answers to in this blog)

I studied as many academic journals as I could find and spoke to countless dermatologists and plastic surgeons looking for answers.

My biggest takeaways?

  • Thinning skin, caused by collagen loss, is the root of all evil and one of the biggest causes of crepey skin. You can really see crepey skin when your skin is thin and has lost it's elasticity.

  • There are certain cosmetic ingredients that work better than others in addressing crepey skin and can strengthen thinning skin at the same time.

  • Self care is a must. Meaning, what you eat, how you think and how you take care of your entire being/body is just as important as all the beauty treatments available to you to address and correct the appearance of crepey skin.

Top Burning Question #1 - What is crepey skin?

Crepey skin is different than other aging skin issues.

Crepey skin starts off like little dots appearing around your hair follicles, like you can see in the picture below. The dots then begin merging into an increase in linear or diamond-shaped skin markings. The dots appear as though they are connecting together.

Picture of skin on arm before Crepey Skin appears

As time goes on, those subtle pores or creases in your skin gradually become pronounced as elastin and collagen break down and becomes more noticeable. Your skin starts to fold in onto itself. Skin folds appear, they accumulate, thinning skin becomes the norm, and skin starts looking similar to wrinkled tissue paper or crepe paper.

And thus, the name, crepe paper skin and crepey skin was born.

Where Does Crepey Skin Show Up?

Crepy skin can appear anywhere on your body: crepey skin on your face, your legs, your arms, your hands and on your chest. Below is a before picture of the skin on my knee and lower thigh (To see the after, keep reading)

crepey skin on legs kellie olver

Burning Question #2: What Causes Crepey Skin?

In my opinion, collagen loss is the number one cause of crepey skin.

And neither you nor me nor anyone else in this world gets a "get out of jail free card" when it comes to loosing collagen. It's gonna happen.

Starting around 25-30, we start to lose this important protein called collagen. And when we lose collagen our skin starts to thin. We don't want thinning skin. We want thicker, plumper stronger looking skin.

Time rolls on. More collagen lost. Our body slows down it's own production of collagen.

Fast forward - skin gets even thinner, skin strength and resiliency (ability to bounce back) gets less and less and the skin begins to sag.

Then one day you wake up with a Big Double Wham BAMMMM, Thank You Ma'am, Crepey skin has arrived!


OK...what else causes the crepey skin?

Many things, some of which may apply to you. They certainly applied to me.

  • weight gain and weight loss

  • yo yo dieting

  • poor nutritional choices

  • not enough protein

  • muscle loss

  • lack of exercise

  • dehydration/not enough water intake

Other things that cause crepey skin?

Simply living life causes crepey skin.

Life, with all its stressors and aggravators including toxins and pollution found in the air, growth chemicals, preservatives added to food, plus alcohol, smoking and more.

Your skin will begin to feel drier. Your skin may feel tight and dehydrated. Oil glands don't function the way they did when we were younger. The reduction of these oils can lead to more wrinkles and can even lead to crepey skin.

Sunbathing causes crepey skin.

How you ask? Sunbathing causes sun damage and sun damage contributes to collagen loss and loss of elastin.

Lack of collagen and elastin makes our skin thinner and finer plus less resilient to rebound back into place.

So What Next? Burning Question #3: How do we Get Rid of Crepey Skin?

Number 1: Supplement your Diet with Collagen Protein

Collagen protein supplementation is your #1 inside approach to fix crepey skin. Why? Because the amino acids in collagen protein make collagen. And collagen helps keep skin strong and thinning skin at bay. And we now know thinning skin is one of the biggest contributors to crepey skin.

boost collagen production.Kellie Olver

Here's the scoop. Collagen is part of the connective tissue that is in the skin and helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of the skin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins which enable the skin to stretch and contract, similar to that of a rubber band.

When we start loosing collagen our skin starts to lose it's youthfulness and eventually shows up as fine lines, deep lines, wrinkles and loose and yes, crepey skin.

Which is why we need collagen protein.

Picture Time!

Just take a look at Jodee's neck in the before picture below - loose, saggy, crepey skin.

Now, really examine her after picture. You can see the difference, can't you?