Improves skin, nails, hair  

Aids weight management

Enhance bone and joint health

and athletic performance

Excellent Source of Protein

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Triple K Drink Front and Back of Bag

Triple K

is an all natural high protein dietary supplement containing 11g of collagen protein derived from Kosher-NonGMO Gelatin.  Creamy and delicious with a hearty cocoa cinnamon flavor and only 60 calories! One scoop with water, coffee, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk or moo milk. Stir and enjoy. Can be served hot or cold.

Tell Me About Triple K

  • Excellent Source of Protein

  • Inside Approach to Skin  Beauty

  • Contains Amino Acids Necessary for Collagen Production and Connective Tissue (such as skin, tendons, bone, ligaments and extracellular matrix) health.

  • Inside Approach to Weight Management

  • Keeps You Fuller Longer

  • Decreases Hunger

  • Increases Satiety

  • Diminished Appetite

  • Great Coffee Alternative

  • All Natural, Clean Label

  • Dairy Free, Soy Free

  • Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free

  • No Sugar Added

  • Only 60 Calories Per Serving

  • Great Kick Start to Your Morning

  • Perfect Mid Day Snack

  • Tastes Great!

Supports Your Ageless Nutrition Lifestyle

Collagen Protein Derived From Gelatin


  • Contains Amino Acids

  • Promotes Youthful, Supple Looking Skin

  • Supports Stronger Nails and Healthier Looking Hair  

  • Helps to Keep Bones Strong

  • Provides Joint Support

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Adds to a Balanced Diet and Weight Management

  • Gelatin Blooms or Gels in Cold Liquids

  • Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Non GMO

  • Halal and Kosher

  • Clean Label and All Natural

Organic Cocoa

  • Help Cut Rate of Heart Disease

  • Help Decrease Risk of Stroke

  • Can Increase Cognitive Function

  • May Help Prevent Alzheimers Disease

  • Stress Relief

  • May Contribute to Feeling of Satiety Which Can Help With Weight Loss

  • Known as an Aphrodesiac -  Increasing Sexual Desire and Improving Sexual Pleasure

Roasted Barley

  • Traditionally Used to Improve Digestion

  • Known Detoxifier

  • Studies Have Reported Roasted Barley to Possess Health Benefits Incuding Antioxidant, Antibacterial and Anticoagulative Properties

Organic Cinnamon, Rye, Chicory, Sugar Beet, 

  • Natural flavor enhancing ingredients

Excellent Source of Protein

Triple K Drink Excellent Source of Protein
Triple K Drink 15 and 30 Serve

Tastes Great

No Added Sugar

Only 60 Calories

11g Collagen Protein

Start Your Day With Triple K 


Triple K Drink



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Triple K Supplement Facts
Health Benefits of Triple K Drink

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Triple K Drink by Kellie Olver