Crepey Skin - 7 Truths Every Woman Must Know

Thinning crepey skin vs flawless skin

Crepey skin is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat. 

With so much information flooding the internet these days about crepey skin, I decided to give you the most important 7 truths about crepey skin to answer all your questions.  

And if you have ever wondered how to get rid of crepey skin, look no further, because at the end of this article I share with you the #1 crepey skin treatment I use, PLUS teach you how to prevent crepey skin, if your skin has yet to blessed with these glorious crepes.  

So, let's dig in.

First Truth Bomb: there is no difference between crapey skin and crepey skin. It's all in the spelling. Both are the same and neither is better nor worse. However both are a proverbial pain in the backside making us look and feel old before our time!


Crepey Skin Truth Bomb #2 What does crepey skin look like?  Below are some real world crepey skin pictures of a woman with severe case of crepey skin so you can compare to your skin. As you look at the pictures can you see the loose, baggy, dry, thin, sagging skin that comes along with the crepey skin?



So let's dive right in to the remaining 5 most important truths you will ever need to know about crepey skin. With knowledge comes power and this article will  give you to power to get control of crepey skin and or repair crepey skin once and  for all.  And remember the BONUS - How to prevent crepey skin and or keep it at bay.


Crepey Skin Truth #3: Crepey Skin Impacts Women (and some men) of ALL AGES, All Over the World.  You are not alone.


Whether or not you get crepey skin depends upon a few factors, including your genetics and lifestyle. For example, if your ancestors come from areas in the world where the sun's rays are not that strong - think northern latitudes like Canada and Northern Europe to name a few, you are more genetically prone to get crepey skin.  Plus, if your lifestyle has been filled with excess - such as overflow of champagne, chocolate molten lava cake, and basking up the sun,  then you too are a candidate for crepey skin.


Crepey Skin Truth #4:  Crepey Skin Looks Similar to Crepe Paper.

Remember the crepe paper you played with in art and crafts in elementary school or Jr. HIgh? That pretty much sums up what crepey skin looks like: crepe paper skin.  For your skin to look like crepe paper skin, or crepey skin, whatever you choose to call it, your skin would start off as little dots on thinning skin, which evolve to having whisper fine lines and in many cases,  have an almost a wavy appearance.  Just like crepe paper. 


Crepey Skin Truth #5:  Crepey Skin is Caused by Thinning Skin which is Caused by Collagen Loss. 


Which is brought about by sun damage, rapid weight gain and weight loss plus poor nutritional choices, smoking, lack of moisture, tanning beds, fast foods,  and more.


Crepey Skin Truth #6: The Differences Between Crepey Skin and Wrinkles

Let's begin this truth by first by defining what is crepey skin.

Crepey skin is skin that has become very thin, and fragile. It has suffered  a lot of collagen loss, which means your skin is weak, and cannot support itself.

The primary difference between wrinkles and crepey skin is that wrinkles form due to repetitive motions in a single area whereas crepey skin is brought about by loss of collagen and can cover a large swath, or area of skin. 

Unlike wrinkles that you get on your forehead, or around your mouth,  and eyes,  because of repeated motion, crepey skin, and I will say this again, is caused by the loss of collagen and the breaking down of your elastin, which is the skin's fibers that enable your skin to stretch and then go back to its normal position.

While these elastin fibers may heal, they eventually get to the point where they can't repair and snap back. How does this happen?  A  lifetime of living an unhealthy lifestyle, including:  sun damage, second hand smoke, tanning salons, fried food,  lots of sugar and more.   

Crepey Skin Truth #7. Crepey Skin can Appear Anywhere

You have no control as to where crepey skin will reveal itself.   But it does: on the legs (calves, thighs), arms, hands, feet, cheeks, eye lids, under eye, and chest.


BONUS TRUTH BOMB: Preventing Crepey Skin

As you age, you lose collagen and elasticity in your skin due to a myriad of reasons including dehydration, poor nutrition, sugar, alcohol, poor quality sleep and more.

But, while you might not be able to avoid crepey skin completely, you can delay it. And you definitely can repair crepey skin once you have gotten it.

To prevent crepey skin and or keep it at bay,  I recommend the inside outside crepey skin treatment, which includes the following:

  • Hydrating your skin daily.   Eat hydrating fruits and veggies, such as cucumber and watermelon are essential as is drinking your water.   Both are considered a crepey skin home remedy.
  • Use a moisturizer, as crepey skin is traditionally dry.  Moisturizers will lessen the appearance of crepey skin for a moment, but will not correct, nor bring about change to your crepey skin for the long haul.  Pick a moisturizer that contains glycerine, shea butter, olive oil or squalene. The oils will soothe and soften the dry crepey skin.
  • Keep your skin's elasticity firm.  How so? Use glycolic acid skin care, such as Crepey Skin FX Corrective Beauty Treatments.  And, or, using  prescription Retinoids, such as tretinoin, or Retinol's drugstore or online brands, such as Loreal Retinol Serum and or Night Cream.
  • Why glycolic acid and retinols? Both are known to trigger elastin and collagen production.
  • Wear sunscreen and stay in the shade
  • Pay attention to ingredients on labels
  • Eat collagen boosting foods.  Why? Is there any woman who would say no to more collagen?
  • Take a collagen protein supplement.   Why? "Results of a randomized, placebo-controlled blind study determined a Collagen Supplement Improves Skin Hydration, Elasticity, Roughness, and Density"**, as reported in the Journal of Nutrients.  To see a full suite of collagen before and after pictures, look here.
  • Use a product specifically formulated to treat crepey skin, such as a crepey skin face cream or crepey skin body lotion.  Why?  Crepey skin has different needs than other skin types, thus specific ingredients are chosen for the formula to strengthen and rebuild thinning, fragile, crepey skin.   

So there you have it. Whether you call it crepey or crapey, it does not matter. Both are the same - a skin condition that is difficult to treat, but not impossible to beat.


To beat it? Once again,  I recommend an inside outside treatment which I spoke about above as your best bet for change.  The Inside Outside is my go to to get rid of crepey skin and it has worked on me.  Check out my crepey skin pictures of my arms and legs below.  


The above pictures of crepey skin are the real deal.  Are the afters perfect?  Nope. But they are so much better.  And better yet, I can prevent full blown crepey skin from coming back by following the Inside Outside crepey skin treatment.  To see a full suite of crepey skin before and after pictures, look here.

Now that you finally have the truth about crepey skin you too can do something about it.  And start  wearing shorts and short sleeves again.  And start loving your skin all  over once more.


Till Next Time,

Growing Younger Everyday xx00



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