Kellie Olver and Some Celebrity Friends

About Kellie

Kellie Olver shares her story about how she found and designed her personal anti-aging program that she now shares with men and women all over the world.

How to Look Younger

Me, Kellie Olver at a photo shoot! Clean and fresh faced. Less is best here

Kellie Olver and Nolan Miller

Dressed to Kill in one of Nolan Miller's originals! Not to mention adorned with his beautiful jewelry. World famous fashion designer Nolan Miller dressed the royalty of Hollywood!! And now Nolan is dressing me!!! Actresses such as Joan Collins, Linda Evans and so many more had wardrobe designed for their characters! The dress I was wearing was designed for Deidre Hall… time Nolan, EYES OPEN!!!

Kellie Olver and Ivana Trump

My very first day on air with Ivana Trump! Her collection was called House of Ivana. Everything from skin care to fragrance to clothing. Ivana was a blast to work with…Now how was it that we both ended up with the Ivana Doo? That was not planned…

Richard Simmons and Kellie Olver

Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmonns at The Shopping Channel in Toronto

Kellie Olver and Joan Rivers

One of my first appearances with Joan Rivers at The Shopping Channel in Toronto, Canada. Joan was one of the finest human beings I have ever met.

Adrien Arpel

Kellie Olver, Lauren Arpel and Adrien Arpel at The Shopping Channel in Toronto

The Home Shopping Lady

I wear many hats. This one is the Home Shopping Lady! My life as a cosmetic company owner and anti-aging expert helping you look and feel younger started as a host on The Shopping Channel and Home Shopping Network. I was able to work with some of the biggest cosmetic Icons in skin care and beauty at the time. Home Shopping is my roots. I still coach inventors and product owners on how to get a product on a shopping channel as well as bring products to market….

Melody Thomas Scott and Kellie Olver

Melody Thomas Scott from the Young and the Restless and Kellie Olver (that’s me) sell Melodie’s hair care system of shampoos and conditioners at The Shopping Channel! Check out the matching outfits…that was not planned…lol

Look and Feel Good with Fitness

Brenda Dygraf, ME (Kellie Olver) and the lovey Kelly after a full hour show at TSC with Brenda’s product, The Ab Roller

Make-up Artist = Girls BFF

In CEO’s office at TSC with Joan Rivers Make-up artists ready to go on air! I wish I had a make up artist and hair dresser at my beckon command every day!!

Tony Little and Kellie Olver

Tony, you are the best! Photo op with Tony Little as we shot one of his infomercials with Mike Levy on Amazing Discoveries

How to Look and Feel Younger

Kellie at a Look and Feel Young, Growing Younger Every Day Photo Shoot! Not bad for someone over half a century old! Did I just admit to that? Yes I did!

Amazing Discoveries

Kellie Olver and Mike Levy on Amazing Discoveries shooting an Infomercial with Tony Little. It was such an amazing-pardon the pun- experience. I was one of Tony’s success stories. As I was working out with Tony via his videos for years

Smoothe Bio Active Collagen Gel

Sell out at ShopNBC! Smoothe was my tripe Helix collagen sculpting gel!

Look and Feel Younger with KO

My very first skin care collection! The complete line: Zyming, Clean, Wash, Quench, C to Sea Butter, and Smoothe, a bio active triple helix collagen sculpting gel. All products made by hand in small batches, harnessing the power of papain, naturally occurring aha’s, naturally occurring collagen and more, making you look younger instantly! Click on the tab to watch the video I created in the makings of KellieOlver skin care.

Kellie Olver and Kenneth J Lane

So lucky to work with so many famous ICONS in the world of beauty, fashion and jewelry! Did you know that Kenneth J Lane created designs for Wallace Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, and JackieO? In fact, Jackie’s famous pearls, the one’s she wore in almost every picture, were from Kenneth!

Lucy, Lauren Arpel and Kellie Olver

Fun times! On the set with Lauren Arpel and Lucy, selling the family brand, Adrien Arpel Cosmetics! Trivia Fact: My very first facial was at an Adrien Arpel Salon @Fashion Island in Newport Beach. The honey almond scrub got me hooked! How ironic I end up meeting Adrien and selling her products on TV. There are no accidents!!

Kellie Olver and Susan Powter

Kellie Olver and Infomerical star Susan Powter selling one of the most successful, if not memorable diet plans of all time called “Stop the Insanity”. Check out Susan’s bare feet! Lol…the things that happen on Live TV!

How to Look and Feel Younger

Having fun at the photo shoot. I always wanted to do a fun, kinda glamour girl photo session. Something on my bucket list. So, after I did my professional head shots for work and business, I humbly asked if I could do like the models do…More fun than I could imaging. Everything is possible!

Look Younger, Kellie Olver Cosmetics

My hero products: Zyming Papaya Enzyme Enzyme Facial Mask and Clean, a papaya enzyme cleanser…. Both made by hand in small batches, harnessing the power of papain, making you look younger instantly! Click on the tab to watch the video I created in the makings of KellieOlver skin care.

Jaclyn Stallone and Kellie Olver

Yup, the one and only, Jaclyn Stallone! Does the name sound familiar? Well it should. Jaclyn sold a product called “Miracle Lift” on shopping channels. And boy did it work! Oh, yeah, she is also Sylvester’s Mohter!

Feeling Younger Every Day!

Kellie Olver (that’s me in the sunflower costume) and host Norm Murray at the Shopping Channel goofing it up on Halloween…any age is the right age to have fun…Feeling younger and growing younger every day!

Feel Younger with Kellie Olver

Having fun at a photo shoot….Laughter and fun is one way to keep the demons at bay…and take years off your appearance….

Cosmetic Icon Adrien Arpel

Kellie Olver and Adrien Arpel, one of my cosmetic mentors, stop for a photo op at TSC. I was fortunate to be surrounded by so many cosmetic mavens. I learned so much from them!

Carrie Olver and Kellie Olver

At the opening of 101 dalmations with my cousin, and fellow home shopping network host Carrie Olver. This was a Kids Help Phone fundraiser. I was the Emcee of the event where I gently persuaded the audience to empty their pockets and in so doing, support the foundation

George Foreman and Kellie Olver

Sitting in George’s green room before we went on air to sell the Foreman Grill. Is it true about the size of his hands? YES…they were at least 4 times the size of mine. I would hate to go a few rounds with him!! PS, for all our enquiring minds, no I did not look at his feet!

Kellie Olver on the set at HSN!

Make the camera your best friend! Yes indeedie…one of the fastest ways to succeed on television. This was my daily ritual “go up and make nice to the camera” before every show!

KO products = Looking Younger

Kellie Olver Wash, an aloe vera based (water free) grapefruit infused body cleanser and Butter—a complete alpha hydroxy body butter that exfoliates, softens and moisturizes making your skin look and feel younger! I LOVE THIS LINE!!! WAY BEFORE ITS TIME!! Click on the tab to watch the video I created in the makings of KellieOlver skin care.

Kellie Olver Halloween Fun

All dressed up and no where to go! Story of my life..but i had a great time!! I believe having fun in your life is an important part of living an anti-aging lifestyle….it is all about balance. When you laugn you release feel good hormones. And feel good hormones help to make your feel good which softens your stress levels and takes away the frown from your face!

Nick Chavez and Kellie Olver

Celebrity hair stylist Nick Chavez creates the perfect do for me on TV. The right hairstyle can make you look and feel younger. Not to mention feel AMAZING and confident about yourself..

Kellie Olver:  Strike a Pose!

No reason to have this picture in my about section except i like it. I had been working out with weights to see if it really made a difference in how i felt and looked. Well, as you can tell by the biceps, the working out was working it. … also I felt pretty strong physically and that gave me a different sense of confidence that I had never felt before. PS..i was photo shopped into Versaille! lol

Photo Shoot for KO Skin Care

Taking Direction. Focus Kellie, Focus!!

How To Look Younger 4

Photo Shoot for How to Look and Feel Younger

Joan Collins and Kellie Olver

Joan was selling one of her books how she achieved happiness and success in her life. And how she was able to maintain joy even during the difficult times. PS, don't you just love her suit?

Jeannie Cooper and Kellie Olver

Jeannie Cooper from the Young and the Restless in town selling skin care.

Kellie Olver and Marilyn Miglin

International Cosmetic MAVEN, friend and mentor Marilyn Miglin hams it up with me one Halloween on the set. Yup, that’s me in the Jeanie outfit!

Kellie Olver and Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon and I on the set. Frankie was selling a pain relief cream for neck, shoulder, hands and joints. At the end of the show, I asked Frankie to sing to me: Venus, Goddess of Love I adore you! I wish I had that on tape! Hey I do! I will have to post that!!!!

Kellie Olver and Richard Simmons

Sweating to the Oldies, Getting Fit while having fun with Richard Simmons. I love this guy!! I was telling my story about being overweight to Richard on air, and I cried! He has that effect on people.

Kellie Olver-Fitness Fav’s

That’s live folks! Me in the flesh working out on a treadmill live on HSN talking about how great you will feel and all the other anti-aging benefits of walking and exercise!

Kellie Olver--Action!

Sitting in front of a green screen waiting to start filming about 10 product reviews

Kellie Olver
Marilyn Miglin and Kellie Olver

At Chanel looking for inspiration for their latest in beauty treatments!

Kellie Olver

Popcorn. My favorite!