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Triple K Collagen Powder Before and After

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Collagen Before and After Face, Skin, Eyebrows, Lips, Facial Volume 

Georgia's skin looked great in the before picture. After 8 weeks of Georgia drinking Triple K Collagen, you can see a dramatic difference: the youthful fullness of her face plus that collagen glow between her eyebrows. As to that collagen lift? Georgia's forehead lifted (eyebrows too). Compare the eyelids. In the after shot you can see more skin on her eye lid. They have lifted too. So have the skin folds between her nose and corner of mouth (nasolabial folds) lifted. Meaning skin fold almost invisible. Plus, her skin is brighter, her lashes are longer and lips fuller.

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Collagen Before and After Body, Face and Neck

It only took 4 weeks of drinking Triple K Collagen 2 times a day for Jodee to see the difference. In the before picture, wrinkling and sagging skin on her body, neck, face and lip area. In the after picture, Jodee is a brand new woman! Her skin is brighter, the neck lines and crepey skin (both front and side) much much smoother and way less visible. See how much tighter and lifted her neck and jaw look. Less lines on the lip area and lower face. Is Jodee's skin perfect? No, but sooo much better in just 4 weeks.

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Triple K Collagen Drink Before and After Face, Skin

In the before picture, you can see how Kelly-Jo's skin was starting to droop with blotchy uneven skin tone and a heavy skin fold by her nose, running down her cheek to the corner of her mouth. After taking Triple K Collagen for 4 weeks, 2x a day, look at how much younger Kelli-Joe looks - her skin is brighter, tighter, lighter and glowing; the redness gone from her nose; it looks like the skin on her face has been pulled back and lifted up. Eyebrows and eyelids lifted too. Dark spots much less. The nasolabial fold (corner of nose to corner of mouth) has virtually disappeared, as did the little corner of lip line.

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Collagen Before and After Acne, Oily Skin, Skin Tone and Texture

4 weeks, 2 servings per day of Triple K was all it took for Sheryl to clear up her reddish, oily skin, and acne. Compare the after picture to the before picture for all the additional collagen benefits. Like, how healthy she looks! With smoother, tighter and hydrated skin. Her eyebrows are lifted, which means her forehead has lifted. Which in turn, opens up her eyes. The nasolabial folds are also lifted and not as deep. Last but not least, fuller, plumper lips.

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Collagen Before and After Lower Face, Skin Tone, Skin Texture, Lines, Wrinkles

In Jackie's before picture, you can see a ruddy (red) tone to her complexion located at the left hand side of picture, at the nasolabial fold with expression lines and wrinkles arching down to the bottom of her chin. In the after picture, redness almost gone, expression lines, wrinkles and skin tightness sooo much better and nasolabial fold filled in naturally by drinking Triple K Collagen Supplement 2 times a day for 4 weeks.

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Before and After Collagen Under Eye Wrinkles & Crows Feet

This is a close up of Jackie's eye. After drinking Triple K collagen for 4 weeks, 2 servings per day, the under eye wrinkles creeping down over her cheekbone, are gone. And the skin under the eyebrow has lifted, revealing more skin on the eye lid, and a much more youthful eye.

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Collagen Before and After Forehead

Collagen Before And After Forehead Wrinkles 

According to Jackie, Triple K Collagen is better than botox on forehead wrinkles. One month, of taking Triple K Collagen Supplement, 2 servings per day, is all it took to minimize the appearance of her forehead wrinkles. And she still gets all the collagen supplement benefits at the same time too.

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Collagen for Men!  Collagen Before and  After Forehead Wrinkles, Face, Skin  

Collagen for men works, just look at Vince. In the before picture on the left, Vince's forehead lines are deep. I'm calling it like I see it. In just 4 weeks of consuming Triple K Collagen, 2x a day, look at how the forehead wrinkles have improved! Plus all the other collagen benefits - that collagen glow on forehead, skin looks brighter, nasolabial skin folds look lifted on both sides of the face.

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Collagen Before and After Face, Skin Texture, Skin Tone, Collagen Glow, Hair Line 

In Tiphanie's before picture, her facial skin is rough and looks dull. Look on her hair line at her forehead. She has a mini bald spot and hair loss down her hair line to ear. In the after picture, the entire side of her face looks softer, firmer and more sculpted; after 8 weeks drinking Triple K Collagen, the hair on her hair line looks thicker and the bald spot has filled in nicely. Her skin looks brighter and smoother; jaw line looks firmer.

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Collagen Before and After Body and Face   

Even young men like Brandon use Triple K Collagen. Yes, you can see the a change in Brandon's face in the after shot, plus brighter skin and thicker eyebrows. But its the results you cant see, on the inside of his body, that will make your head spin. So, if you are reading this right now, come back in a couple of days and we will have Brandon's video testimonial up on this page.

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Triple K Collagen 

Before and After Close Ups


NOTE: Triple K Collagen before and after images HAVE NOT been altered nor touched up in any way.  For each Triple K Collagen Trial participant, the lighting and distance to the camera remains the same for both the before and after.  Meaning, unquestionable real results.


 All of the amazing collagen success stories you have been looking at - skin brightening, skin tightening on neck, and face, plus the reduction of neck wrinkles,  forehead wrinkles,  and facial wrinkles are REAL RESULTS, obtained by REAL PEOPLE, after consuming  2 servings of Triple K Collagen Supplement, as a drink, per day,  every day for 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. 
When you are happy with your collagen before and after results, cut back to 1 serving per day for maintenance. 

Results may vary. 


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