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TripleK Collagen Restore

Collagen Protein Customer Success


“I have been taking TripleK for 4 weeks now. I can see the results. I know it’s working.”

Kelli – Jo, Florida

I’m 27 and want to stay looking and feeling 27. In just one month after taking TripleK, my acne and oily skin is almost gone. My skin is tighter, brighter, and firmer. I can work out longer, harder and recover faster. Inflammation better. I’m so excited

Cheryl, Florida

After 2 weeks of taking Triple K twice a day, my crepey skin on my arms was much better. Slight difference with joint pain. After 4 weeks of taking TripleK, the improvements just keep coming faster. Everything is firmer and brighter. My skin looks lifted. My forehead looks like I Had Botox! My crepey skin is better, joint pain better and body feels fantastic overall.

Jackie, Florida

I am taking Kellie’s TripleK.  I had pretty good skin to start with and did not expect much.  To see any difference in my skin.

After 8 weeks of TripleK, was I surprised!  Longer lashes, plumper skin, glowing skin, redness softened, undereye lines gone, marionette lines filled in.  Really pleased

Georgia, Florida

I am a fitness guy. Put TripleK in my protein shake in the morning. Didn’t expect much. But look at my face. Skin is brighter, Forehead lines not as deep.

Vincent, Florida

I made TripleK for me, before collagen was popular. Why? I wasn’t getting enough of the right amino acids from my vegan diet to keep my skin firm, tight and lifted. With TripleK, I do. IN fact, I get about 10-20 times more collagen boosting amino acids than whey or plant-based proteins. And at 61, I think my skin looks pretty good. I love my TripleK and drink it or eat in in food every day.

Kellie Olver

As a serious exerciser in my upper 50’s (but you would never know it and I plan to make sure you never will) I was looking for an edge to get more out of every workout. Kellie tweaked my mindset, gave me some power moves to review my brain and do a total brain reboot before my morning workouts,. Plus, she got me hooked on TripleK before my workouts! Delicious, tasty and NO ADDED SUGARS!!! Today I just rocked my Advanced spin class. Amazing energy! And not hungry after! Keep the TK coming!!


No make-up, no filter, no enhancements done. All-natural Beauty. The skin on my face looks much tighter and my hair is growing. I love drinking my Triple K. My skin glows naturally, I didn’t need any make up highlighters or shimmer. My TK does it for me with the collagen and protein with no additives.

Tiphanie, Florida

CrepeySkinFX Body Lotion
Customer Success


"I didn’t think any skin care product would work to get rid of crepey skin or tighten loose saggy skin. I tried them all. So I decided to make a crepey skin product that would give me visible results.  And that product is CrepeySkinFX Body Lotion.  Look at the before picture of the loose crepey skin on the inside of my elbow.  To get these results, I used CrepeySkinFX religiously 2 times a day for 6 weeks   And the after picture speak for themselves. I am so very pleased."

Kellie, Florida

"I don’t have crepey skin, but I have very dry, blotchy skin. And I have tried them all. Like most women. And then I tried CrepeySkinFX Body Lotion. The improvements are so noticeable. I can’t believe you can get so much confidence out of a bottle."

Beth, Arizona