Glycerine is Amazing for Your Skin

Two beakers of liquid glycerine

I used to think glycerine was something nasty and to be afraid of. Especially on your skin as well as in skincare. That was before I knew all the wonderful benefits of glycerine for the skin.  Especially for keeping your skin safe, supple, fortified and beautiful. (Yes, I know that's a mouthful. But true.)

So, if you are like me, in thinking glycerin is nasty or  if you are looking to use glycerine for skin benefits, look no further.  Because in this article you will learn what glycerin is what it does, where it comes from and what it’s used for. Plus, how wonderful glycerin for skin really is and how it benefits in skincare.

What is glycerin? Glycerin is a sweet colorless odorless liquid almost always extracted from natural sources.  You will see glycerin spelled different ways – sometimes glycerine, sometimes glycerol – but all are basically the same thing.

Glycerin is called a skin replenishing ingredient and, unbeknownst to many people, is a fundamental cornerstone ingredient of most skincare moisturizers on the market today. In fact, glycerin is famous for treating dry skin.

Glycerin is a humectant – something that is wet and attracts moisture – so when it’s used on the skin it can draw moisture up to the upper layers of the skin, giving your skin a youthful, flawless plump. Glycerine can also pull moisture in from the air around you, adding to the now prevalent moisture that has been drawn up.

Glycerine is also known as the master hydrator helping to establish balance within the moisture levels of the skin itself. Better yet, glycerin on skin draws moisture up from within your skin as well as moisture from the air above and then locks it in place to keep your skin looking plump, firm and hydrated.

Now as tempting as it is to run out and buy a bottle of pure glycerin and put it direct on your skin, which I did and used for several days, refrain yourself. Glycerin is best used and works best when in combination with other emollients and/or oils such as safflower or macadamia nut oil. You will not receive said restorative improvements but unfortunately can cause adverse skin reactions. What are they? Well, everything we are trying to avoid! I can tell you my experiences – enlarged pores, dry skin, rough skin and a slight burning or irritated feeling on the (my) cheeks.

Where does glycerin come from? Glycerine is often derived from palm or soybeans but also from animal-sourced tallow. Increasing production of bio-fuels from natural sources has increased the world supply of glycerine, which is a by-product. As we shall see, that is good news for skin care devotees!

Glycerin is such a versatile substance that it is used for many other industries besides skincare. Glycerine is used for pharmaceuticals, food, movies, even in cars (as antifreeze - euww, I agree) and explosives (as in nitroglycerin!). But I want to focus on the features and benefits of glycerin for skin care.

There are many benefits of glycerine for skin and glycerine for skin care.

First, glycerine is an essential ingredient which is used in skincare to strengthen and fortify your moisture barrier, your outermost layer of skin, the layer of skin that keeps good stuff in and bad stuff out such as bacteria, pollution and even prevent water from flooding your body when you take a shower.

Glycerine on skin has many many other useful skin benefits. For example, glycerin is skin restoring and can help heal cracked or chafed skin or chapped lips; glycerin can address acne or skin breakouts; it can prevent dryness and associated skin redness or mottling; it can even help treat scars from burns or other injuries.

But there is more: in addition to making your skin feel super soft and super smooth through its emollient effect, glycerin can provide plumpness to the skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines. YEAH.

All this in an all-natural, non expensive treatment – believe me, you owe it to yourself to make glycerine infused creams a regular part of your skin beauty regime. You will be happy you did!

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