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Make My Brown Spots Go Away: 5 Proven Methods for Younger Looking Hands

Younger Looking Hands Free of Brown Spots

Looking at a woman’s hands is one of the fastest ways to guess her age. And brown spots are a dead give-away to guessing the REAL number.  No matter how many creams, lifts or laser she has used on her face, the hands say it all.

Please take a look at your hands right now. What do your hands look like? Are they youthful in appearance?  Do they have brown spots?  If so, how many? Like many of us, maybe at least one, or two?  Or more?

Now, based on the appearance of your hands, how old would you guess yourself to be?

And the answer is?????????

If you don't like the number, you're gonna need to do something about the appearance of your hands.  And the good news is I've got 5 proven methods, everything from at home remedies, to over the counter, to pro strength grade peels, and top lasers,  to make to make your hands look younger and with that make your brown spots go away.  

The procedures I discuss are proven methods that deliver guaranteed results. How do I know? I have tried just about all of them!

First things first. What causes brown spots to appear on your hands and arms?

  • bad sun
  • bad genes
  • bad aging

‚ÄčAnd the next question is, how do we make those nasty little brown spots go away?

Well, there are many ways to do this ranging from low cost, low effort, do it at home to state of the art, doctor managed or custom designed. Whatever it takes! Remember, our mission to ‘grow younger every day’ is Job number 1!

Your ‘make the brown spots go away’ plan needs to consider three aspects:

  • Prevent More Damage
  • Treat Today’s Situation
  • Maintain the Improvements

Anti Brown Spot Tip #1 – Stop the Sun Damage!

Brown spots, sun spots, liver spots – what are they really?

Doctors call them ‘solar lentigines’ (a single spot is called a ‘lentigo’) and, guess what, they are triggered by the sun.

Why are they associated with aging? Because it takes time for us to accumulate enough time in the sun to cause them to appear. And once they do, there is only one direction they will naturally progress: more!

To stop the progression of brown spots, you have to use sun block —every day, winter and summer. Especially inside the house and while you are driving.  Hands and arms have very thin skin, thinner than other parts of your body. Use SPF 15-30,  or higher,  all the time. Make a habit of it and it will become routine and easy.


Anti Brown Spot Tip #2 – Consider Some Home Remedies

Effective treatment can be as close as your pantry. Many, many people swear by at-home brown spot mitigation strategies like:

  • Apple cider vinegar – yes, its great for your diet, great for digestion, clears acne…. the list goes on… but guess what, many swear by it for brown spot elimination. Mix some with equal amounts of water, leave it on skin for a few minutes, wipe off and repeat daily;
  • Buttermilk – no need to dilute, just apply directly and repeat for several days and see how it works;
  • Castor Oil – use a swab to apply and leave it on for a few hours. Other oils can work too, say almond oil or olive oil. Give them a try!


Source: ehowbeauty

Anti Brown Spot Tip #3 – Professional Grade Store Bought Solutions

Effective brown spot treatments can be found on the store shelf. These typically include the use of Hydroquinone cream and work to lighten the skin by inhibiting skin enzymes.

They are said to be skin ‘bleachers’ but don’t let that turn you off. If you test your skin first with a small amount and assure that you are not having an adverse reaction, you should be fine —just follow those instructions! And avoid sun after applying the cream.

One that I recommend is  Divine Derriere Ultra Potent Brightening Serum to fade stubborn dark spots fast.

This brightening serum contains 2 secret ingredient "complexes"  that are the driving brightening forces behind  this products success.  All non toxic ingredients including kojic acid, lactic acid, cruelty free

1oz, $29.99.

Kojic acid is often used to address excess melanin in the skin. It is a natural product and doesn’t seem to have many adverse side effects such as skin irritation. It features in many skin lightening products today.

Another brown spot cream I highly recommend and is getting great reviews is The Body Cream from Musley.


Customizable and made fresh batch for you with ingredients including hydroquinone, a form of retin A called Tretinoin.   Plus Hyaluronic Acid to keep moisture in and Vitamin C. 

And the brown spot before and after's are amazing1oz. 

Prices vary and there is free shipping.

Anti Brown Spot Treatment #4 – Chemical Peels

There are a wide range of chemical peels that can be used to tackle brown spots. A professional would need to assess your skin type, specific issues and administer the treatment.

Another consideration is how much downtime (away from work time) you are willing or able to contemplate. Options include:

  • Light peel (minimal down time) – Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels - (lactic, glycolic, acetic, salicylic).
  • Mid-grade peel - Jessner Peels – up to 4 day downtime - better at bleaching the skin than AHA.
  • Range of strength - TCA Peels – the stronger the concentration, the longer the downtime and the better the effect.
  • Full strength – Phenol peels create a permanent bleaching effect (with amazing wrinkle reduction)

Anti Brown Spot Tip #5 – Laser, Laser, Laser

Lasers can be miracle tools for dealing with less than perfect skin. How does a laser work?

Lasers can focus a pure light, a selected slice of the rainbow, for a controlled amount of time. Different light penetrates the skin to different depths and can kill certain skin cells (like those nasty brown spots) while leaving other tissue untouched.

It is important to use the right laser for the right purpose! I have identified several below.

1. Fraxel

‘Fraxel’ is a term you will hear when researching laser treatments. Fraxel is a brand name but comes from the word fractional and refers to the way in which these lasers do not use a single solid beam but use a patterned approach that damages less skin tissue while treating the specific target.

2. CO2 and Erbium lasers

Both C02 and Erbium lasers are used for skin resurfacing. Say "sayonara sweethearts" to them brown spots.  Expect a one to two week recovery time. And before skin resurfacing, avoid medications that may affect clotting two weeks before the procedure; and stop smoking (but you should do that anyway).

Note: The best candidate for CO2 lasers are individuals with a lighter skin tone. Erbium laser is often recommended for those with darker skin. Always ask your surgeon regarding any, especially the CO2 and Eribium, to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

3. ‘Q-switched ND:Yag’ lasers (Phew!)

Highly recommended for making brown spots go away. This is actually a very common type of laser with many and diverse uses in medical procedures.

Bonus Tip – Intensely Pulsed Light (IPL)

Often thought of as a laser, IPL is actually very different. Rather than one focused beam of light (as in a laser), IPL makes brown spots go away by using a ‘broad spectrum’ light.

This multi colored or "polychromatic” light has the ability to reach various elements of the skin, including melanin.

The light selectively damages the melanin thereby lightening the areas of brown spots on the hands and arms. One advantage of IPL is the ability to generate longer duration pulses than lasers generally can produce.

And now that you have gotten rid of those brown spots, how do you maintain your results?

Keep wearing your sunscreen on your hands and arms. Have regular visits to your dermatologist to monitor your success and do touch ups when necessary. And keep your do it yourself remedies close by. Touching up with your buttermilk or apple cider vinegar will help to keep the brown spots away.

To summarize, what does it take to make those brown spots go away? Now that you have read the entire article titled How to Make my Brown Spots Go Away: 5 Proven Methods for Younger Looking Hands, you can see it is not that difficult.

The good news is we do not have to let unsightly marks prematurely age us!

Fortunately for us, science and long experience has provided many options

A good way to move forward is: do a full inventory of the areas of concern; develop a strategy to avoid further damage; try out some home remedies one after another and compare the results; go window shopping for over the counter options; consider therapeutic treatments available in your community and start pricing them out.

Our mission, and we have decided to accept it!, is to grow younger every day. Let’s do it!

Till next time,



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