What Motivational Gurus Won't Tell You - Kellie Olver

Motivational words are great. Motivational words of wisdom are even better, which is why millions of people flock to motivational speakers and authors as they can be a valuable resource for staying on track in this fast-paced, ultra-busy life.

How to STAY motivated is the million dollar question as achieving your goals and living the fullest life possible can feel overwhelming. This is where a positive voice of reason can be a big help.

Sometimes, though, motivational words aren’t enough to stay motivated. Reality is you might need a little something more to give you that boost you need to get moving and do the things you really want to do in life.

Here are a few tips on the things motivational gurus won’t tell you about the real keys to success.

Action Breeds Motivation

While it’s fairly easy for motivational experts to get your heart pumping and your excitement level up, what they don’t tell you is that without action, motivation is meaningless. You might feel great after you read a an amazing article or hear an enthusiastic speech, however the real key to staying motivated is to take that first concrete step or action.

Even more importantly, it doesn’t even have to be a major action. It can be something small – then that leads to satisfaction gained from accomplishing that little task, which leads to more motivation, which leads to more action. For example, are you determined to increase your self-care? Start with five minutes in the morning or evening doing some meditation or giving yourself a face mask. Over time, your small step will build into a habit.

Study the Actions of Successful People. Motivation Is Just One Piece

Taking advantage of advice from motivational gurus isn’t the be-all end-all of improving your life. There are other pieces to the puzzle —motivation is just one tool. Study the example of people who are achieving what you want to achieve. Become a planner —make lists and cross off each goal as you reach it, no matter how small.

What motivational gurus won’t tell you is that they shouldn’t be the complete source of your coaching. You can —and should— consult others, especially those who are already experiencing success in the specific area of your life you want to address.

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

You may be the most motivated person in the world, yet it still takes perseverance and continual action to accomplish your goals. There will be setbacks. You’ve probably heard that Thomas Edison invented 1000 failed versions before making the light bulb work.

Bumps in the road are normal, even for the most successful people in the world. What motivational gurus won’t tell you is that succeeding is a process, and often a lengthy one. The important thing is to keep going —don’t give up just because you’re not getting instant results.

There’s nothing wrong with using motivational experts as one resource for achieving your dreams. They can be a great font of inspiration and encouragement. Just be sure that at the same time, you’re also pursuing other useful tools and learning how to take the proper steps to craft the life you want.

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