5 Reasons Why Gelatin is One of the Best Weight Loss Foods

Gelatin Weight Loss Food

Updated: September2, 2022

If you could ask for just one food to add to your diet to help you lose weight, the one word answer to your question would be “Gelatin".   And the reason is eating gelatin for weight loss works.

Why? Gelatin is a functional food, meaning  gelatin has a purpose.  And in this case, gelatin's purpose is to provide protein to your body.  Because gelatin is protein. Collagen protein.   

And science tells us protein does keep you fuller longer. And when you feel fuller longer, you tend to eat less. When you eat less and move more, weight loss is inevitable.  Which is good news...

Better yet, there is another reason to add gelatin as part of your weight loss foods.   Because while you are whittling your waistline, the collagen protein in gelatin helps keep your skin looking firm, tight, and plump. Which means, NO DIET FACE (sunken cheeks, tired looking, dull dry skin and collagen loss).


 Before we get into the 5 reasons why gelatin the best weight loss food,  let me ask you a couple of questions. Please place a mental check mark to every question that applies to you:

  1. Do you stress eat?
  2. Have you ever gone to bed hungry on a diet?
  3. Does that hunger pain keep you awake at night?
  4. Do you sleep well when you are hungry?
  5. Do you crave foods when you are on a diet?
  6. Do you ever get cranky pants or overly emotional when you are on a diet?
  7. Do you ever fall off the diet wagon and simply let go and go on a feeding frenzy? 

How many check marks did you get? Me, being an expat serial dieter, I put a check mark next to every question.


Let’s face it, many of us, me included, have struggled with losing weight and have tried everything conventional and non-conventional to drop the pounds.

WHY? A lot of that has to do with appetite hormones plus having an empty stomach, feeling deprived, never satisfied, not to mention CRANKY! Plus, it is hard to sleep when you have a grumbling in your tummy! Right? Does that sound like you? This is where gelatin and all it's collagen protein and all of gelatin's benefits comes in to play, as this article is all about why using gelatin for weight loss is key to your success. 

What is Gelatin Made of? 

Nothin new here but, gelatin is made of a protein, called collagen protein, which comes from the bones, skin, and connective tissues of animals including fish, poultry, and bovine.  Gelatin represents a simpler form of pure collagen, which is full of hydrolyzed collagen protein and an overabundance of uber health friendly amino acids.    

The gelatin we consume either in jellies, candies, collagen or gelatin powder is derived from "breaking the molecular structure" or "cleaving the bonds" that hold the larger collagen molecules together.

This is done through several methods, one similar to making bone broth.  Another employing an enzymatic process using Papain and or Bromelain.

Consuming gelatin is how you obtain gelatin's benefits, including weight loss

So, let's get to it: 

5 reasons why gelatin is one of the best weight loss foods.

NOTE:  all 5 reasons mentioned below are backed by hardcore science. So, rest assured, what you’re about to read is totally authentic!

Reason # 1: Gelatin Suppresses your Appetite. 

Gelatin is the best appetite suppressing protein, says research conducted at the Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Researchers compared the appetite suppressing effects of different proteins like gelatin and casein (a protein from milk). The study found that people using gelatin experienced an astounding 44% reduction in appetite. That shows how amazing gelatin is in suppressing appetite.

Another way gelatin suppresses your appetite is the blooming effect, or swelling of gelatin. 

When you eat gelatin rich foods, like jube jubes or gummy bears or bone broth, they fill you up quickly, because the gelatin swells in your stomach,  and you end up eating significantly less.

Reason # 2: Gelatin Regulates Appetite Control Hormones

Another reason why gelatin is so successful in reducing weight is that it alters the levels of appetite controlling hormones. That’s a huge plus. You won’t stop eating unless these appetite suppressing hormones signal your brain to do so. What most people lack are these hormones and that’s why they end up in a perpetual cycle of eating more and gaining more weight.

Research conducted at the University of São Paulo, Brazil studied the effects of collagen protein  consumption on the levels of different appetite control hormones. Researchers found that gelatin caused a substantial increase in the levels of GLP and the dieters reported a significant reduction in appetite after eating gelatin.

Which leads us to reason # 3 of why consuming gelatin for weight loss works: gelatin boosts metabolism

Proteins are considered the healthiest macro-nutrient. That’s for a good reason too. Proteins don’t get stored in the body like fats and glucose. Moreover, use of proteins causes a significant increase in the overall metabolism and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is the number of calories you burn without exercising. Think of it as a free give away!

Most of us have a sluggish metabolism, thanks to our diets and living habits. What we eat is turned into fats instead of being burned by the body. Losing weight without a healthy metabolism and higher BMR is quite difficult. Gelatin is almost totally made of proteins. So, an excellent source of protein, it boosts your metabolism and BMR like nothing else. If you’re consuming gelatin, gelatin makes sure that most of the calories you eat are turned into energy and not stored as fat.

 Reason # 4: Gelatin is Deficient in Calories

 Well,  weight loss all comes down to calories in the end. It’s all about finding the right balance of calories you consume and burn. If you’re eating more calories, you’re going to put on weight.

The way I look at it, weight loss starts one of two ways: you either eat fewer calories or burn more via exercise. In a nutshell, the answer to weight loss dilemma is eating calories poor (low) and nutrient dense foods. Sugar contains almost 400 calories per 100 grams and gives no additional nutrients. Gelatin, on the other hand, contains only 83 calories per 100 grams and offers your body a never-ending supply of essential amino acids.

And lastly, reason # 5 of why gelatin is the best for weight loss?  Gelatin is a Natural Sleeping Aid.

 It’s quite difficult to sleep on an empty stomach, right? Also, you’re more likely to munch on unhealthy snacks if you’re having trouble sleeping. So, you need something that fills you up and helps you go to sleep as well. The answer, again, is gelatin.

Glycine is the most abundant amino acid in gelatin. Gelatin contains almost 21% of this amino acid. Glycine, in addition to being helpful in losing weight, decreases anxiety and promotes sleep too. Results of a research carried out at the Institute for Innovation, Japan showed that glycine consumption is an effective way to improve both quality and quantity of sleep.

 Moreover, glycine was also found helpful in reducing fatigue.

 There you have it! 5 Reasons Why Gelatin is the one of the best Weight Loss Foods.

 To summarize, how does gelatin for weight loss work? Gelatin helps to keep your appetite in check as gelatin fills your tummy up (remember the gelatin bloom!) - keeping you feeling fuller longer, which means you may eat less; gelatin keeps your appetite suppression hormones in check; gelatin is a great metabolism booster; gelatin is calorie deficient yet high in protein; and gelatin, with its high concentration of glycine, helps to promote a beautiful sleep!

One way I get my gelatin is through Triple K, an all-natural, organic, hearty cocoa-cinnamon instant beverage blend with 11 grams of collagen protein powder per serving.  Triple K  is hormone free, fat free, cholesterol, halal and NonGMO....

 My parting thoughts......gelatin is a lot more than just an ordinary culinary ingredient. It’s an amazing weight loss food that can boost your weight loss program like nothing else.  And strengthen your skin making it look firmer, lifted, plumper and younger!  

So, what’s the hold up? Incorporate gelatin into your diet and start seeing the results

Until Next Time,

Kellie, Growing Younger Everyday



PS.. I have been drinking Triple K for over 7 years now. I love the taste and love all the collagen protein benefits I am receiving...get yours today!



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