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Have you ever heard the term Glowing Skin? Sure you have! ("Silly question, Kellie!")

I bet most of you have heard the term.  But the real question is, do you have it?  Do you want it?  And would you know it when you see it?  I mean, what does glowing skin look like anyway? 

For most of us, glowing skin is as mystical and elusive as the magical unicorn.  So elusive, I used to think glowing skin was a concept made up by cosmetic companies to sell more skin care. 

What I now know to be true is that glowing skin is attainable to women all over the world.   There really are easy accessible things that do work as long as you do them and be consistent.  Once you get glowing skin, you will be hooked forever and never want to let it go. 

So, if you are for glowing skin, please read on, as in this article you will learn:

  • Skin biology basics that lead to skin glow
  • What glowing skin is and what it isn't 
  • How to get glowing skin (as well as SMOOTH glowing skin, because crepey skin and rough dry skin dims the glow)
  • Top glowing skin food
  • Best skin care for glowing skin

Lets start with a little skin biology 101.  Knowing this is half the battle.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? In fact, you have 22 square feet and an incredible eight pounds of it covering your body, says National Geographic.

Your skin’s role is so important. It acts as a waterproof shield, protecting your body against harmful chemicals, the effects of the sun, and temperature extremes.

Your skin also keeps your brain in touch with what’s going on in the outside world as it’s jam packed with sensory nerves. In addition, this wonder-organ sends out antibacterial substances that help to prevent your body from becoming infected. It also manufactures Vitamin D, which keeps your bones healthy.

Whew, that certainly is a lot!

So, you see, to get skin that truly glows, it’s crucial to be healthy on the inside, as well as on the outside. You can add innumerable preparations into your external beauty routine, but if you’re not eating healthily or staying hydrated, the effects are not going to be what you’re hoping for —at least they won’t be as good as they could be.

What is Glowing Skin?

Before getting into specific tips, secrets and products you can use for radiant, glowing  skin, let’s talk about what glowing skin is —and isn’t.

Here’s what it isn’t. Open any magazine or look on the Internet and you’ll be met with millions of images of great looking women with picture perfect glowing skin. What you need to remember is that in many cases, these actresses and models have a full team of professionals behind them, and perhaps more importantly the magic of Photoshop to enable them to look that way.

For us mere mortals, the reality is somewhat different. I have a real job, a real life, and real worries and responsibilities that sometimes gets in the way of my skincare regime. However, I know that it’s crucial to look and feel good. If my skin isn’t looking its glowing best, then I just don’t feel my best.

So, what is glowing skin?

Well, to me, glowing skin is skin that looks lit from within, as if a light were underneath shooting its beams from the inside out. We all have our different ideas in terms of what looks good, however, radiant or glowing skin should look alive! Dewy and gossamer, like we’re brimming with health and vitality. It should look like it’s never been through a hard day —even if it has!

When you’re stressed or feeling low, it’s reflected right there on your epidermis for all the world to see. It leaves your skin looking... Dull. Lackluster. Tired.

So, if you want to get glowing skin naturally, it starts on the inside with glowing skin food.  And water of course.

We’re often told that we are what we eat, and glowing skin begins from within. Glowing skin food means eating a diet that’s rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. The perfect foundation for health. Eating a balanced diet that’s rich in oils from fresh foods, like coconut and avocado, moisturizes your skin from the inside out. In fact, they’re dynamite food for glowing skin.  And younger looking skin too.

So are raw red fruits and veggies, like cherries, red berries, peppers, red beets, and tomatoes will help, 

Let’s take a look at some skin-friendly foods:


It’s not only rabbits that love these, your skin loves them too. Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A, which help collagen in your skin to break down more slowly, and are a perfect addition to your glowing skin diet.

Avocado Oil

A great source of Vitamin E, avocado oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help boost collagen levels. It also helps to protect your skin against free radicals. Avocado oil and avocados are one of the best ways of boosting collagen levels in your skin to help it maintain its youthful look. Personally, I swear by this super-food.

Coconut oil

Another super glowing skin food that’s rich in collagen, Coconut oil

Coconut oil coconut oil is also filled with skin-smoothing and tightening Selenium. Another great tip I have is to use it around your eyes as an anti-aging cream, or alternatively, all over your face as a moisturizer.

Walnuts and flax seeds

Both walnuts and flax seeds are a rich source of Omega 3's, and these aid brain function as well as assist in upping your collagen levels while reducing your skin cancer risk.

Sunflower seeds

Filled with Vitamin E and Selenium, snacking on a few handfuls of these every day ensures your skin is brimming with vitality.

Chia seeds

These wonder seeds are thought to be one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man and are packed with protein and antioxidants.

Vitamin C

Found in fruit and vegetables, Vitamin C is essential for providing collagen to your skin. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to stock up on as many fresh, Vitamin C-packed foods as possible.

Foods that contain a ton of Vitamin C are guava, broccoli, red peppers, kiwi, sweet potato, and grapefruit. 


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are needed for the construction of new blood cells, enzymes, body tissue, antibodies, and hormones. To ensure you get enough skin-boosting protein as you need to give your skin that elusive glow you love, it’s a great idea to eat animal products like cheese, eggs, fish, and poultry.  

Animal protein, like salmon, has the best and most abundant source of Omega 3's and collagen boosting amino acids - both of which are top on my glowing skin food must haves.

Collagen Protein

Collagen for skin is special.  Not only does it give you that collagen glo, it  helps you to look younger.

At the right amount collagen protein can increase skin hydration from within by a much a 91% (8 weeks, 10g collagen protein per day), and showcase increased dermal density (plumper skin), smoother (less lines and wrinkles,  firmer, tighter skin plus that dewy luminescent glowing skin on the surface.

The best way to get collagen protein these days is via collagen protein powder or collagen drinks. The one I recommend and have been using daily since 2014 is Triple K Collagen Protein. I made this for myself to tighten my crepey skin and low and behold everything changed for the better.

Triple K's formulation contains nutrient dense, premiere collagen protein specifically designed to address skin beauty and weight management. You really can sip your way to youthful glowing skin! Simply add coffee, water, moo milk, or any nut or seed milk, stir and go. You can even put sprinkle Triple K on your granola or in a nutritious skin-boosting smoothie! Or in pancakes! The choice is yours.


Last, but certainly not least is water, and the importance of being properly hydrated. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), up to 60 percent of your body is made up of water, with your skin contains about 64 percent of that figure.

Good hydration is one of the most crucial gifts you can give your skin, as water flushes out toxins lurking in your system.

Products and Skin Care

Although beautiful skin comes from within, you can help this along by treating your skin to some TLC in the form of glowing skin products. And you don’t need to break the bank to do so.


One of the cornerstones of achieving that elusive glow is exfoliation.   And when you exfoliate, you buff away the dead skin that sits on the skin's surface of your face and body, which leads to smooth skin, which leads to SMOOTH glowing skin.   

Crepey skin, dry skin, loose skin, lines and wrinkles dull the glow.  which is why exfoliation is so important.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your skin regeneration slows down as you age, so by removing dead, dry skin you’ll look less tired and worn out. I find that exfoliating invigorates my skin and promotes new, healthy cell growth, making me and you look instantaneously younger, fresher and your kin look smoother.

Sugar Scrubs

Salt scrubs were very much the “in” thing for exfoliating your skin. If you’ve ever had one though, you’ll know that they could make your face feel pretty darn sore. If, like me, you just worked through the pain for the sake of your looks, you’re not alone!

Thankfully, nowadays sugar scrubs are a far gentler alternative. They help get rid of the outermost layer of dead skin, making your skin feel far smoother and softer without any pain whatsoever! You will get a glow on with sugar scrubs!

Another awesome aspect of having a sugar scrub is that it hydrates your skin, as the sugar is combined with oils that often have extra beauty benefits. You can even make your own scrub at home by combining sugar with coconut oil, honey, or olive oil, and adding in a drop or two of Vitamin E. Keep reading as I am giving away this DIY sugar scrub and 2 more sugar scrubs for free!

Another favorite sugar scrub of mine is made with real grapefruit! Watch me making Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub here.

Glycolic Acids

My top pick for glowing skin care starts off with glycolic acids.

Glycolic acid is natural ingredient derived from sugar cane, which can also be produced synthetically, and is known to be one of the safest forms of alpha hydroxy acids around.

Glycolic acid is an exfoliator that removes the outer layer of your dead skin cells, and is excellent for you if you want to look a little younger. An additional benefit of using the acid is that it can help lighten skin discoloration, as well as help you with blemish-prone skin.

Glycolic acid comes in various different forms, such as facial peels, eye creams, serums, moisturizers, and cleansers with peels being available both in beauty therapist’s offices, as well as at home kits.

Note, the FDA says creams containing AHA’s go deeper and work better than a watery liquid AHA and that if using an at home product, 10% AHA is the strongest concentration for safe at home use. You can read all about it here.

My top pick for glowing skin care is  Crepey Skin FX,  for the face, the body and eyes. It contains 10% glycolic acid in a cream base and is filled with organic/natural botanicals and essential oils, plus an additional 7 Alpha Hydroxy Acids for a full spectrum beauty treatment.

Have a look at some crepey skin pictures, using Crepey Skin FX skin care with glycolic acid. I am confident you will be impressed at  the kind of positive results these ladies got, 

You can get a sneak peek below.

How to Make your Skin Glow Naturally

There are many other ways you can make your skin truly glow without even having to spend a cent. These include:


We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. What you might not know however if that it’s an excellent way to get your skin looking good too. Exercise promotes your circulation, and a welcome side effect of this is making your skin look vibrant and healthy.

Exercise increases your blood flow, which in turn, nourishes your skin cells. Your blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your body as well as whisks away waste products, like free radicals. With this in mind, participating in regular exercise is akin to cleansing your skin from the inside. So if you’re wondering how to get glowing skin, exercise!

Don’t think you have time to exercise? Try Yoga at your desk. Not only does it get your body and blood moving, it also diminishes stress. 

Another important aspect of exercise is that it eases your stress levels —and we know that when you’re stressed, your skin is the first thing to suffer. In fact, studies have shown that when you’re stressed, your sebaceous glands that produce oil in your skin are directly affected.

Regular Bowel Movements

You might not even have considered it, but ensuring your body is “regular” in terms of your bathroom habits plays a big part in the health of your skin. I want you to imagine this: if you are full of it, how are you ever gonna get that lit from within glow? Which is one reason why you should never hold it in when you need to go, and should eat a diet with plenty of fiber. It’s just another reason why good nutrition and hydration is crucial to the health of your skin.


We’ve all heard the term “getting your beauty sleep”. But how true is it? Does sleep actually help your looks?  

 News flash! The one and only Estee Lauder, founder of Este Lauder Skin Care, commissioned a study on the impact of sleep and your skin. The study determined poor sleep directly impacts skin aging. Here is the direct link to the study which can be found on Estee Lauders website.

 Which is one reason I love to nap!  There is a real medical reason why we need to get a good sleep every night. When we’re asleep our cells repair, and rebuild themselves, and if you don’t get enough shut eye, this function becomes impaired.

Sleep on Your Back

Another amazing beauty tip for glowing skin and to rid your face of those nasty puffy eye bags and dark circles that so many of us wake up with is to sleep on your back to prevent fluid from accumulating overnight. If you find sleeping on your back to be difficult, try propping your head up with a pillow at night as this has the same effect.

Through following all the hints and tips above, you’ll have beautiful, well-rested skin in no time. There’s only one problem, however.

Now that you know how to have the skin of your dreams, you’ll probably end up wondering how to get rid of glowing skin as your friends and work colleagues will constantly hound you as to your secret! It’s a tough life!  Enjoy!

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