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A Triple K™ Guide

Triple K™ Collagen Drink: The ultimate inside appoach to a slim healthy body and youthful glowing skin!

With Triple K Collagen Drink, you can sip your way young.

If you are 35 years old and already wondering why your skin looks tired, dull and a little saggy, please keep reading. 

If you are 50 years or over,  and are looking for easy, non invasive solutions to tighten your loose saggy crepey skin, stay tuned!

If body aches and joint pains are keeping you up at night, and you are seeing more of your hair in the sink than on your head, you are in the right place.

If your increasing waistline has started to bother you and you blame your eating habits for that, we have the solution for you too!

It used to be all of these "aging symptoms" started to appear when people hit 50.

Not anymore. In today's over toxic, stressed out, grab and go society, more and more people are experiencing the sings of aging years before hitting the mid-century milestone. Welcome to the club!

We all want to age later.  To look and feel more youthful, reclaim our waistline, have luxuriant hair, strong nails and fight back against those signs of the passage of time.

So, if maintaining your youthful glow is important to you or if you are doing everything you can to “reverse aging (like the millions of us out there)”, then Triple K™ Collagen Protein Powder Drink is here to help! With Triple K, Beautiful Aging is just sips away!

But what in the world is Triple K™ Collagen Protein  drink?

Triple K is America’s greatest beauty from within drink. A one of a kind high protein supplement with greater collagen reboot properties for healthy hair, skin, nails and joints. And let us not forget America’s #1 go to weight management drink.

How so you say? How can one product help to whittle the waistline while at the same time restore that look of youth?

It's really quite novel. To begin with, Triple K is a high protein, collagen protein, supplement. When you drink it, Triple K Collagen Drink replenishes nutrients that may, (ok-most likely) have been lost through a lifetime of crazy diets and poor nutritional choices while at the same time rebuilding your internal scaffolding (aka colllagen) that holds everything in place. And Triple K Collagen Drink contains an enormous amount of the RIGHT amino acids that carry out these jobs.

Really? Yes. Really. Let me explain.

Let’s start with the basics. With protein. Mainly collagen, because collagen is protein, and collagen makes up your joints, hair, and skin, ligaments, bones and even organs. And collagen, yes collagen, has been shown to be a natural and powerful, appetite suppressant.

So to get the multiple benefits of a beautiful, youthful looking external appearance as well as control your eating habits, you need to eat enough protein, especially collagen protein, every day[1].

Great! The next big question: are all types of proteins going to give you these benefits? Probably not.

For example. There are big differences between the benefits collagen protein and plant protien can deliver. You can find out which protein is best for you to eat, plant protein or collagen protein, by reading my blog.

You see, proteins are made of building blocks called amino acids and whether or not a protein is going to help you with your appearance and health issues depends on its constituent amino acids. So you need something that contains amino acids that naturally occur in collagen.

And Collagen contains as many as 19 different amino acids and out of these the most abundant are[2]:

  • Glycine - 26.2%
  • Arginine -15.4%
  • Proline - 10.1%
  • Alanine - 9.3%
  • Hydroxyproline - 8.2%

And the above amino acids are the very most important amino acids necessary to make more collagen in your body. More collagen means better/stronger skin, ligaments, bones, joints, hair, nails and body organs. In short, you need a protein source that is abundant in these amino acids to tackle your reverse aging needs.

The BIGGEST question of them all! What protein source has a lot of these amino acids? Is it whey, soy or something else?

The answer is it is neither whey nor soy nor other plant based proteins! It is Triple K™ drink, as it's source is collagen protein. If you were to compare the amino acid constituents of whey, soy, and this drink, you’d see Triple K™ is far ahead in the percentage of collagen boosting amino acids it provides.

Here is a comparison of amino acid percentages in soy, whey, and Triple K™ Collagen Drink. [3].

The truth is right in front of you! Triple K™ drink is a supplement with an excellent amino acid profile. It contains far more collagen forming amino acids than soy and whey (even combined!).

Now, let’s get to the point. Why do you need Triple K™ Collagen Drink? And the science to support it.

Or in other words, what is Triple K™ drink going to do for me?

Below are the top 5 reasons Triple K™ needs to be your everyday drink.

1. Triple K™ Collagen Drink is a Calorie Reduced Non-GMO Excellent Protein Source

I need not mention how important proteins are for your overall health and well-being: everyone needs enough protein, every day. That’s a given. Knowing that you need protein, why not choose a protein that is going to do more for you? Why not choose a protein with a purpose?

Here’s the thing, mine, yours, our poor dietary choices of yesterday can manifest in unhealthy, aged looking skin and perhaps an achy body in the now or in the future. Whether you’re in your 30s or your 50s, creams, lotions, and masks alone won’t do the trick anymore.

That’s when you need something that could help you, from within. What would be better than a protein-rich beverage that has low calories (only 60 calories!) and has absolutely nothing artificial added to it? Triple K’s core protein is collagen. And Triple K's collagen protein is hormone free, Non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised, Halal, Kosher and completely traceable back to its source.

With a single serving of Triple K™ drink, you get an excellent protein supplement with 11 grams of protein. With this much protein — which roughly translates to a wee bit over 20% of typical daily protein needs — your body can become 'happy from within'. Your good health is reflected on the outside too, with your skin rewarding you with a happy, healthy look and feel.

Not only do you feel young but you can look young as well!

2. Triple K™ Collagen Drink Can Diminish Your Appetite

The secret to this ability of Triple K™ lies in its protein content. This drink is an excellent source of protein. A single serving can give you 11 grams of proteins. How good is that?

It is a well-known fact that eating even a single protein based meal can reduce caloric intake in subsequent meals. In research conducted at the Yale University researchers studied the response of different types of diets on eating patterns in women[4].

The women were divided into three groups and were either given a protein-based liquid lunch, a lunch rich in carbs or a lunch having a mix of both. The women who had a carb-based lunch ate 31% more than the protein group and 20% more than the mixed group at dinner. The protein group consumed the least number of calories.

Similar results have been observed during the long-term intake of protein-based diets. In research conducted at the University Of Adelaide, Australia, researchers studied the effects of high protein and normal protein diets on the dietary habits of volunteers over the period of 12 weeks. Researchers found that the high protein group ate consistently less compared to the normal protein group throughout the span of the research[5].

And protein in the morning, especially collagen protein, as reported by the Clinical Nutrition, a journal testing and reporting on nutritional findings, found that morning collagen supplementation can can increase your feelings of of being fuller by upwards of 40%! Wow! And that translated into eating less, as much as 20% by lunch time!

So sip away your hunger with Triple K™ Collagen Drink.

3. Boost Healthy Nail and Hair Growth?

Say goodbye to hair loss and make way for shiny and strong hair!

Collagen serves as the building block for your hair. Lack of collagen would mean more hair loss too.

Triple K™ Collagen Drink is a proprietary blend of collagen boosting amino acids, including arginine and lysine, which are scientifically documented to improve hair growth[6]. In addition, amino acids like arginine provide added benefits such as fighting oxidative stress, which can further help reduce hair loss[7].

Collagen deficiency is a known risk factor for unhealthy and friable nails[8]. So eating enough collagen boosting amino acids should do the opposite, that is, give you harder and younger looking nails!

4. Triple K™ Collagen Drink Contains an Extraordinary Amount of Collagen Boosting Amino Acids Necessary for Collagen Synthesis

Collagen acts as the backbone for your skin. It is responsible for keeping your skin firm, hydrated and younger looking. When your skin loses its collagen — as occurs in the later years — your skin becomes saggy, full of wrinkles and dehydrated.

Now the million dollar question! Is Triple K™ Collagen Drink effecti ve at promoting healthy aging? You bet it is!

Besides healthy bones and joints, a French research studied the effects of collagen supplementation on the health and quantity of skin collagen. Surprisingly, only after 4 weeks, the participants' skin collagen content improved significantly and collagen breakdown decreased as well[9].

In other research, the use of collagen-based supplements was found to tighten saggy skin, as well as be linked with improved skin hydration profile, a visible reduction in wrinkles, and overall improved skin appearance[10].

5. Triple K™ Collagen Drink Has Been Reported to Serve As an Aid for Bones and Joints

Here, too, collagen does not cease to amaze us!

The collagen in your joints ensures that your joints are flexible, strong, and don’t ache after climbing the stairs. As you age, the collagen content in your joints decreases and you end up facing issues like osteoarthritis [11].

One way to put delay or stop this result is by increasing collagen intake, in the form of a supplement. Triple K drink is such a supplement.

The results of multiple research studies from Germany, United States, and the United Kingdom show the efficacy of collagen-based supplements in improving joint health. These studies show that such supplements not only reduce the progression of existing disease but also prevent the disease from happening in the first place[12]!

Research also shows that collagen from supplements accumulates into the joints; thereby strengthening them[13].

So why wait?

Grab your Triple K™ Collagen Drink today and sip your way to a healthier, fuller, and younger life!

Until Next Time,

Growing Younger Everyday



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