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Supplementing with Gelatin Can Help Tighten Your Skin

Want to tighten the skin on your face without surgery, without super tape and without weird exercises?

Although all that stuff works, it’s a lot of work and no fun! And if you or someone you know has ever has ever been caught doing the funny facial exercises or re-tightening the tape behind the ears to keep the loose skin taught, well, it could be a little embarrassing.

So how about adding gelatin to your diet? Did you know gelatin is collagen protein in it's purest form? Besides making your skin beautiful and radiant, using gelatin for skin tightening is a science backed strategy that works.

Lets start off with what causes skin to lose its elasticity and sag.

1. When we are young, our skin is plump with collagen, smooth and taut.

2. Over time, our bodies slow down it’s production of collagen and we lose more of it than we can make.

3. Sunlight, processed food, alcohol, stress and simply growing older depletes the collagen in the tissues, bones and ligaments beneath the skin.

4. Loss of collagen in the skin produces droopiness and eventually a loss of elasticity.

5. What happens next is we start to find the skin starting to sag, especially around the face.

6. Add to that any rapid weight loss can remove fat quickly causing the skin to appear to sag into the face.
It is important you tackle these underlying causes. The good news is gelatin can tighten your skin.

"In an independent study conducted at Stanford University in California, findings reported that daily supplementation of gelatin, only 250 milligrams, increased skin elasticity. Which in turn, helps to tighten your skin." [1].

First, What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is pure protein derived from real collagen.

Because collagen on its own is a very large molecule and is difficult to digest, gelatin — a smaller, broken down form of collagen, is the perfect choice.

Gelatin, like all proteins, is made up of a very specific combination of amino acids.

Amino acids are absolutely necessary for your body to function. To fully understand this concept, click here to learn more.

And each amino acid has a targeted job to do in the body.

Gelatin contains an overabundance of the required amino acids to make the collagen to help your skin, bones, muscles, joints, tendons and more!

How can gelatin supplementation help to tighten my skin?

In contrast to vegetable based protein sources like soy, pea, hemp, rice and so forth, gelatin contains the necessary amino acids to make more collagen in the body.

So, why is Gelatin able to help with all of these causes of lose, sagging skin?

Why? Because the amino acid combination in gelatin is similar to that our own bodies use to replenish collagen.

• By replenishing collagen with gelatin, you are strengthening the bones and supporting the joints, tendons and ligaments. This will help with the appearance of skin sagging and improve the appearance of skin tightening.

• Also, a study showed that gelatin supplementation can improve the elasticity of skin. This will make the skin draw in, look more youthful and generally appear tighter.

• Gelatin supplementation can be very helpful as a weight management aid, helping you to maintain your weight and or gently and steadily lose weight to avoid the sagging, sunken face effect that rapid dieting can bring on.

It makes sense now, doesn't it? Ingesting gelatin can help to tighten your skin and keep it looking firm and youthful.

How to get the best gelatin supplementation?

A challenge with gelatin is how best to get gelatin as a supplement. Know this, not all gelatins are created equal. Look for non-GMO, hormone free gelatin that can be traced back to its source. Pasture raised and grass fed is another priority when searching for top grade gelatin.

Because gelatin is odorless and tasteless, gelatin needs to be combined with tasty and nutritious complementary ingredients to be usable on a daily basis.

I get my gelatin through a high protein supplement called Triple K.

To learn more about Triple K, click here

There are other sources of gelatin available in the market place including health food stores and certain grocery stores. Ask your grocery store manager if the gelatin they carry is Non-GMO, hormone free, and traceable back to the source. Why? Like I said before, there are different qualities and grades of gelatin. You want to make sure you are getting a very clean source.

The bottom line is: do consider gelatin for skin tightening. You will be glad you did. With continued use, you may start to notice a positive improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin including softer, smoother and plumper. And along with skin tightening comes less sagging and more firming especially around the cheek, jowl and eye area.

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